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General FAQ

What is

XBT is the currency abbreviation of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralised payment network, bitcoin (small caps) is the digital/crypto currency fuelling the Bitcoin network. On you can post any job, like a programming job, a translation job or a graphic design job, pay in bitcoin to a freelancer, and have the freelancer do the job earn bitcoin. bitcoin can be exchanged for cash or used for buying on the Internet or in physical stores. Read more below to understand.

Why is it safe to work through XBTFreelancer?

Working on a freelance project using XBTFreelancer is perfectly safe as long as you keep the rules. Make sure you always have a milestone on the project you were awarded as a freelancer. Milestone is essentially an Escrow. Once a milestone exists on the awarded project, it means that the employer had escrowed funds equivalent to the milestone USD value at the time it was created. In case of a dispute the escrow funds will be released to you, providing you provided work done.

I know nothing about bitcoin. Where can I learn about it? is a well known bitcoin forum site, dating back to the early days of bitcoin, back in 2010. Reading through the forum posts will get you familiar both with bitcoin and the different services behind the industry. The site is packed in posts and a crowd of crypto currency enthusiasts. is a good place to learn about bitcoin. The site is run by Roger Ver, aka "Bitcoin Jesus", a well-know bitcoin advocate and early adopter. is a well written blog/site about bitcoin, covering the entire topic of bitcoin from various angels and is one of the best guides for bitcoin, in my opinion, out there.
We also recommend reddit’s sub-reddit, which is a good source for bitcoin beginners., sub-reddits are also two other good sources.
As far as bitcoin news sites, in case you want to read articles and news about bitcoin, check out newsbtc, CoinDesk and cointelegraph.

Is there a fee on deposits or withdrawals?

There is no fee on deposits or withdrawals. However we do add a 0.0005 XBT, about 60¢ (USD cents) at current XBT price, miner fee to each bitcoin withdrawal transaction to support the Bitcoin network.

A certain user is disturbing me on chat? How can I block him?

You can easily block a user in chat so to avoid getting messages from him/her. Use the contacts list at the left hand side of the chat page and locate the abusing user. Go to the top-right hand corner of the contact box showing his screen name and click the X to block him. You can either block a user or just remove it from your contact list.

Why am I getting a message "We are sorry but you are not allowed to initiate a chat with this user." when I attempt to chat with another user?

This message has nothing to do with your account specific issues, a block of your account, limiting of it or anything specifically wrong with your account.
The reason that you are getting this message is that we recently changed the platform's chat behaviour. Instead of allowing everyone to chat with everyone else, causing spam and improper site experience & usage, the platform chat behaviour had been recently altered. Essentially only employers can now inititate a chat with another user, not the other way around. For exmployers to be able to chat with a user, an employer needs to post a project, properly describe it and invite bidder or bidders to bid on it. Once a user bids on a project, the employer can initiate a chat with that user and they can freely communicate.

How can I change my password?

You need to click on "username" tab from top bar. Please select option "Change Password" from the menu.

When are withdrawals processed?

Withdrawals are usually processed within a half an hour. Manual approval process is involved. You will be notified via e-mail once payment is out.

What exchange rate do you use?

We use CoinDesk's ticker API to get the latest XBT/USD currency exchange rate.

Why would I trust you with my bitcoin?

We manually process withdrawal requests to offer a 100% secure platform BUT you don't have to. As an employer you can always deposit small amounts per created milestone, say up to $50, thus $50 would be the maximum amount you would be "risking". As a freelancer you can withdraw each and every released milestone. In fact, we recommend our members to always keep their bitcoin on their own personal wallets.

Do you have an affiliate system or refer-a-friend program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate system / refer-a-friend program. Check out the affiliates page for more details. You can use your personal links to XBTFreelancer to promote our site on forums (bitcoin / programming / graphic design / writing / etc type forums) or on specific Facebook groups, on Twitter or wherever else you think is a good place to attract potential freelancers and employers to XBTFreelancer.

Am I required to fill-in my address information?

No, we respect your privacy and your personal information is not required.

How can I change my password?

You need to click on "username" tab from top bar. Please select option "Change Password" from the menu.

Am I required to fill-in my address information?

No, we respect your privacy and your personal information is not required.

When I connect a Facebook account, should I expect automatic posts from XBTFreelancer?

No, we respect your social activity and we don't post project related news on your Facebook page. Facebook is just a way to signup faster for the service.

Will I receive spam?

No, we respect your personal time and we consider spamming not to be the solution for drawing attention on our network.

How to block a user from chatting with me?

In case you want to block a user from being able to chat with you, simply click on the [x] next to the user on your chat page's Contact List.

How to un-block a user from chatting with me?

To unblock a user you previously blocked from chatting with you, simply go to that specific user profile page and click the Chat button. Click on the [x] next to the user on the Contact List. Click on the GREEN button, Just clear from Contact List. User is now unblocked and can contact you.

Employer FAQ’s

What is the difference between a project that is open for Everyone to bid on rather than an invite only project?

If you don't have too much time to sort your bidders and interview them, the best way to go is to choose to post an Invite only project. This option is specified on the Post Project page. This way only freelancers you invite yourself and freelancers matching your project needs invited by XBTFreelancer, are allowed to bid on your project. This allows more quality bids and is best for quality awarding yet not so time consuming bidders interviewing process for you.

Is there any fee incurred on an employer?

No, There is no fee on employers at all. Freelancers pay 10% fee on released milestones.

How can I print an invoice or receipt on the amount I paid to freelancers?

Go to Released Milestones tab under your transactions and click the (receipt) link to view and/or print your invoices.

I don't have any bitcoins, how can I employ a freelancer?

Today, bitcoin can be relatively easily purchased. For quick bitcoin purchasing using a credit card, we recommend Another place might be (mostly for US citizens). On both sites, you can quickly withdraw bitcoin to your wallet following purchase or pay a freelancer directly (i.e: without even having to download a bitcoin wallet) within a matter of minutes.
For more information on how to purchase bitcoin using a credit card - bitcoin wiki - how to buy bitcoins with your credit card.
Wirex, formerly, had recently (March 2016) added an option to buy bitcoin using PayPal. Watch this video explaining how to buy bitcoin with Paypal, and read their blog post on how to buy bitcoins with paypal along with a list of currently supported countries.

Why would I hire a freelancer here and not over at elance, freelancer, guru or upwork?

reason 1: Freelancer sites where you fund your account balance using a credit card, usually charge your credit card additional fees unless you have a paid membership. With bitcoin being a "push" type payment system (as opposed to credit card's "pull"), this is virtually impossible (read more: lessons from bitcoin push versus pull). On XBTFreelancer you simply post a project for free, find a bidder to award the project to, and then create one or more milestones whenever you need to pay your freelancer. You can never be charged additional fees unless you originate them yourself.

reason 2: Bitcoin believers in general and freelancers here in particular usually want bitcoin more than they want fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP etc). Therefore they are willing to work harder to obtain it. They also pay much less fees to actually hold them as cash in their pockets, as there are no third-party wallet services charging fees as a middleman in the actual cash-out phase (the phase between having a balance on a site to actually hold it as cash). On average the hourly rate paid here to freelancers might turn out lower here than on traditional fiat based freelancer sites like elance, freelancer, guru or upwork (just a hunch, site is so new I have no idea yet).

What is a milestone? How do I create milestone/s?

A milestone serves as an escrow. When created they guarantee payment to the freelancer to whom the project was awarded to. An employer needs create one or more milestone/s totalling the project won bid amount, for work on project to begin.

A milestone can be easily created from the project page. Click the "Create Milestone", type the USD amount and fill-in the description, stating what part of work that milestone is created for. You will then be directed to the deposit page and be given a QR code where you need to send bitcoin to. Upon successful payment the milestone will be automatically created for you, and the freelancer will be informed so he can start working on your project.

To create multiple milestones, you can alternatively click the green "Credit" indicator at the top of your screen. Then select "Deposit Funds" from the menu. Enter the amount in USD that you wish to deposit and a QR code will be displayed, showing the bitcoin address to where you need to send bitcoin to fund your account. Now, Open your bitcoin wallet and scan the QR code (or copy the deposit address) and send any amount you wish to credit to your XBTFeeelancer account. Your account balance will be credited with the amount sent as soon as 1 confirmation is received from the Bitcoin network (usually within 10 minutes). Continue by creating milestone/s on the project page.

Can I attach specification files to a project description?

Yes, Simply upload one file or more when posting a project. Alternatively use the "Add File" button on the project page to add any additional files following posting of a project.

Can someone bid over the project budget?

Yes, if the project has an upper bid limit, a bid is allowed over this limit to allow freelancers notify an employer his budget is off the regular budget for a project like that.

I created a milestone but freelancer demands I release it before he has even put in enough work to cover the milestone amount. Should I release the milestone to him?

No, Never release a milestone before seeing the work done. Never agree to a pre-payment. This isn't allowed here and it also puts you at risk of loosing milestone funds without getting work done.

What happens when a project awarded to a freelancer and for which I created milestone/s isn't progressing or work hasn't been delivered?

Milestone = Escrow so in case of a dispute due to non delivered work, just turn to the admin to mediate.

Can I award a project to more than one person?

No, 1 project awarding per 1 project. If you want to award to another bidder, just repost project from and award that second project to the him.

Can I repost a project?

Yes, a project can be re-posted once either completed or cancelled. Go to the "My Projects" page and click on the Repost button next to the project name.

How am I secured financially? What happens if the freelancer does not perform his task?

Amounts deposited are secured on cold wallets. Withdrawals are human supervised and manually handled. If you have a dispute with a freelancer we act as the arbitrators and solve any dispute.

I created a project and received bids but I don't see an option to award the project to a bidder?

You need to first close bidding before you can award a project. On the project page, click “Close Bidding” (top right), then you will see the “Award Project” button near each bidder offer.

I received a notification that I was reviewed by a freelancer who I hired. Where do I see his review?

Go to the "My Profile" page, there you will see a “Reviews” tab. All reviews that freelancers have filled about you are there, as well as reviews you posted on others.

How can I be sure I won’t be scammed by freelancers on the site?

XBTFreelancer works like this. After an employer picks a freelancer for a job, he creates one or more milestones and deposit USD equivalent chosen amount by sending bitcoin to a deposit address. The funds for a milestone are escrowed until the employer releases them to the freelancer. If you are not satisfied with the job, you can chose not to release the milestone funds to the freelancer.

Freelancer FAQ

I was awarded a project but no milestone/s were created for me. What should I do?

Never start working on an awarded project without milestone/s covering your won bid amount set up for you. Immediately after being notified of being awarded a project create multiple milestones creation requests, each on a small amount and describe in each milestone request the delivered work. Wait for them to be created before starting to work on the project.
Never start to work without being notified and noticing on your awarded project URL that you have non-released milestone/s set up for you. Milestone = Escrow!

When should I deliver the product I had worked on, so I am never at risk of the Employer running on me?

Freelancers should always make sure they start working (or deliver the product or part thereof) after one or more milestone/s had been created for them under the relevant project. Having a milestone (shown on the project page and notified to freelancer via notification/e-mail) guarantees that the employer had escrowed bitcoin equivalent to the milestone amount toward the project or part of it. Following this simple guideline insures that in case of any dispute, XBTFreelancer can mediate between the Employer and Freelancer.

Are there any other guidelines I should keep to make sure I am staying safe?

Yes, there are. Make sure you chat with the Employer via XBTFreelancer's internal chat system. This way, in case any dispute arises, XBTFreelancer mediator can always see chat history and understand what has been promised or not, so he/she can mediate better between Employer and Freelancer and decide who gets the milestone amount in question.

On "Browse Projects" page, what does the icon mean ?

It means that the employer already escrowed bitcoin toward the project by creating one or more milestone/s. View the created milestone/s on the project page.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

When you ask for a withdrawal from XBTFreelancer you need to supply a bitcoin address where you want your earnings sent to. To do so, just click on the GREEN bar showing your site balance and choose the "Withdraw Funds" menu option.

I am new to bitcoin. I have no wallet. How can I supply you with a bitcoin address when asking a withdrawal?

If you are new to bitcoin, don’t worry. Welcome to the future of digital payments!
We recommend Downloading MyCelium wallet for mobile ( MyCelium for Android or MyCelium for iOS ). Then, supply us with your deposit address, displayed on the receiving tab. Make sure you backup your wallet so you never lose access to your coins in case your smart phone is lost or stolen.

If you don't have a smartphone device we recommend either Electrum or Multibit bitcoin wallets (Windows / Mac / Linux). Both these wallets do not require downloading the entire blockchain prior to working with them, so you can get set-up with any one of them within a few minutes.
For more information about common Bitcoin wallets read wallet recommendations page.

How can I exchange the bitcoin I earn through work done on XBTFreelancer to cash?

You can always use Local Bitcoins to sell your bitcoin and get cash in your country. You can also search for the nearest bitcoin ATM (BTM) through, and and exchange your earned bitcoin to cash via a teller machine.

Why would I even want to work for bitcoin?

When you get paid in bitcoin you hold the funds in your bitcoin wallet. bitcoin can be held on SmartPhones using Mycelium wallet for (Android and for iOS ) or any other bitcoin wallet app. No one is holding your funds for you. You can easily exchange your bitcoin to cash in your country using at any time, so your funds are liquid and totally independent of banks or any third party. Moreover, traditional or fiat based freelance sites charge a fee of 12-20%, not to mention bank or Paypal withdraw fees for getting the funds actually to you.

Because XBTFeeelancer solely works in bitcoin, freelancers enjoy an unprecedented advantage over working on regular freelancing sites, in terms of being able to cash out their earned money and "hold" it in their own mobile bitcoin wallet within less than 15 minutes. If you want to get cash, just head over to Local Bitcoins and search for a person or a place near you, where you can exchange your hard-earned bitcoin to cash with anyone wishing to buy it. Wherever you are in the world.

Professionally speaking,
The Bitcoin eco-system is getting bigger every year. Moreover, Investments in the Bitcoin industry have grown substantially. There are many crypto-currency related companies out there, new start-ups are being born, the tech industry is eager to access crypto currency experts, developers, technical writers, and designers to build the best UI/UX experiences for digital currency related sites and platforms. Working for bitcoin on XBTFreelancer can get you first-hand experience by doing jobs related to the industry. Professionally speaking, getting experienced in Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrency in general will probably pay off well in the future.

Financially speaking,
bitcoin is a new digital/crypto currency. It has seen all time high of above $1200 USD a coin and as low as $2 since trading was introduced through bitcoin exchanges at around 2011. Bitcoin value in 2015 is relatively low, now averaging at about $200-300 a coin. It will probably gain much value in the future. Securing a few coins is a good long term investment. If you can afford to buy large amount of bitcoin doing some freelance jobs without exchanging all of them to cash could probably do you well financially.

How can I bid on a project?

Go to a project page and click the "Place Bid" button. Suggest your price for the job and input a text describing why you think you are suitable for the job.

Why am I denied bidding on a project?

Specifically I am getting a message "You have too many active projects bids. You can't bid on too many projects at any given moment. Please try again later."

New users or users without or with a poor freelancer rating are limited in the number of different projects they can bid on at any given time.
Bid on projects you can deliver and get reviewed as good as you can by the employers to be able to bid on more projects.

How can I see my active milestones?

You need to click on the grey "Active milestones" counter displayed on the site's header. Then select "View Active Milestones" option from the pop-up menu.

When I accept a project awarded to me, is there any credit deducted from my account?

No, there is no fee for accepting a project.

Is there any fee at all?

There is a 10% fee on the total amount of milestones performed in a project. For example, if an employer creates 2 milestones for the project, each one worth ฿0.5 XBT and the freelancer had successfully accomplished them, then the freelancer account will be credited with ฿0.9 XBT upon completion of both milestones.

Can an employer cancel an ongoing project?

An employer can initiate a project cancellation request from "My Projects" page. If the winning freelancer accepts the cancellation, all non-released milestone/s on that project will be returned back to employer's balance.
Note that a project can be cancelled by an employer only if agreed by freelancer, in case it was awarded.
This protects the freelancer, and makes sure that they are not unpaid due to a cancellation.

Can I cancel or edit my bid on a project?

Yes, you can cancel or edit a bid at anytime.

Can I update my bid on a project?

Yes, you can change your bid as long as project bidding is in progress.

Can I reject a project awarded to me?

Yes, you can reject a project awarded without specifying any reason. This is useful when an employer awards you a project but you don't have time for it.

Can a withdrawal be blocked or denied for some reason?

No, there is no reason we can reject a withdrawal unless there as been foul play involved. If you are a genuine freelancer there is no reason we would deny any or your withdrawals.

How can I get selected for projects more often?

Make sure you complete your profile to 100% complete. Posting a picture of yourself can help. Adding skills, and completing a portfolio can greatly improve your chances of getting hired or invited to projects.
For example, If you are a Cartoonist make sure to specify the word "Cartoon" on your profile Summery or Title by editing it on "My Profile" page. Reason is most employers would search for these skills and invite relevant freelancers. Doing so would list your profile on the freelancers search page.

Where would you say is a good place to spend my hard-earned bitcoin?

Today there are many options where you can spend your bitcoin. You can buy plane tickets at BTCTrip and as well as at specific airline companies such as Air Baltic, Air Lituanica and LOT Polish Airline. You can go to Theatres in London, book hotel rooms at Expedia, etc. You can even buy a computer from Dell or buy a software or a game for your Xbox from Microsoft. For more information simply Google or check out CoinDesk's what can you buy with bitcoins article.

These are just a few or my recommendations on cool services available in bitcoin:

- Shake is a really cool service launched on April 2016. It let's you buy anything with bitcoin as you can create a credit card and fund it with bitcoin. Since any site or physical merchant accepts credit cards, you can spend bitcoin virtually anywhere, online or on any brick and mortar location.

- You can now buy coffee from all Starbucks stores worldwide using bitcoin at a 20% discount using a service called foldapp.

- You can buy any product at a minimum 5% discount using You can even save up to 25% of any product on Amazon. That's insane!

- TigerDirect accepting bitcoin is old news by now. You can buy Toys, Electronics, Cell Phones, Jewellery, Tools anything at all, just name it.

- OverStock is the true pioneer in accepting bitcoin. You can buy almost anything you can think of at overstock using bitcoin.

- Secure your Internet connectivity, especially when using Public Wi-Fi. PureVPN and Private Internet Access allow paying for VPN service using bitcoin. Buy domain names and host your site using NameCheap.