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Just copy the entire system(existing and in ubuntu server) from the old one to my new bithost account & teach me how to deploy my websites.
so your main task is copying it and install the needed softwares(nginx, mongo, json, ruby etc)

web System :
the website works this way - (deposit/referral/withdraw)
depo = deposit via btc address - appears in the table of the site
referral = if someone deposited in 123.com/?r=myreflink, he will get a certain percentage of deposited depends on the setting Ive done(5%/10%/15% etc)
withdraw = they will get 200%(changeable, depends on the settings) in a specific time

I am using paid block.io api keys
as far as I know the investment system is written in ruby(and javascript - only 1 file(for table script))
and we are using cookies for referral links

deploying a site(I am not though on how this works) :
1. Domain is parked in the IP address system(ex.

2. upload website files on winscp/filezilla

3. type a linux command to setup let's encrypt SSL(I really don't know this)

4. implement mongodb and java file(for table) and done

if you are interested please chat me so we can talk. I know this thing is not very hard in the brain of someone who knows how to do this and can finish this within under 5 hours. I am ready to show you the files of the system. I can give a $30 for a short maintenance every week or every 2 weeks after this is done as long as I'm working on this kind of websites. Please respect my post, I am only here to work and to employ someone. Thank you community.

my Budget is $100 and will be paid here via milestone or bitcoin.





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"Hi, I can Help you with the website transfer from one place to another. let's chat and start the work.


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"I have checked your requirements. We have right skills to work on this assignment. We are a team of professionals including experienced Analysts, Designers, Project managers, Developers and QA people having great expertise in web applications development mainly on core PHP, PHP with open sources (Joomla, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Cake PHP), .NET, Asp.NET, Vb.NET, HTML 5 etc. and mobile applications on ios and Android platform. 

May i have all the details regarding this project?"

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