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Exchange Site Project

We need is a fully, functional and secure crypto exchange. Example bitcoin exchange http://changelly.com , http://shapeshift.io
We want the same features.

Our system should have four major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, LTC

Modules we need:

1) A user account system that allows users to register, maintain a balance, deposit and withdraw BTC and other currencies, also place buy and sell orders. Integrate this, with a payment processor to support currency deposits and withdrawals.

2) A matching engine that looks at the current buy and sell orders and matches orders together and executes the trades.

3) Configure Bitcoin wallets to actually store each user's BTC balance. Use a hot/cold wallet system that keeps most of the BTC offline.

Some challenges:

You need to track each user's Bitcoin balance so you'll need a way to keep the Bitcoin wallet in sync with a database like MySQL or MongoDB. A good way to do this is to combine the blocknotify command with the listsinceblock() JSON-RPC call.

Tech Functions Recap:

* Website

* User account management

* Custom Fees

* Instant Exchange: Send and receive digital currency that is immediately exchanged other cryptocurrencies.

Our system must have the following instant exchange.


* Fully zoomable charts that cover complete market history


* HSM based security architecture

* Exchange engine: requests payment orders (customer asks for a withdraw)

* Exchange business logic: API with a view of all customer’s balances, soft/hard withdrawing limits and payment history

* 2FA app: external second factor channel, on user’s phone (containing an assymetric key)

* Deposits and Withdrawals in Bitcoin,Dash,Ethereum,Ripple,LTC


* Two-factor authentication (only google authenticator)


Contact Support by email tickets.

Update on Jul 11, 2017 9:53 PM
Please provide your quote with:

1. Estimated hours to completion
2. Total Phases
3. An overview of each phase and what it covers.
4. We know what we want, you tell us what we need to make it happen.





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"Hi, I have studied both the website you mentioned into the job post and also thought about your concern to track the BTC balance and wallet.

We can track the Balance of btc by implementing a cold wallet generator call bitcoind and we will make it to communicate through Jason-RPC.

All other functionalities are ok i think and can be made with clear vision, we will discuss this in detail during the chat session if needed.

1. I can not estimate the timeline in hourly basis but i can complete this project within 45 days from starting officially.

2. There would be six phases of the project which are as following

a. Mockup Design:- we will make different Mockup for the front page, user's profile page, Change Page, Report Page etc. and then you need to Approve one design to proceed for further web form conversion.

b. HTML Web Form:- After Mockup confirmation we will start working on to convert in html web format with responsive structure as per approved mockup.

c. Development:- After Html Design & front layout is complete, we will start working on the development of each functionalities like User loging/ register, profile management, exchange algorithms, admin panel etc..

d. Integration:- After Front and admin Panel development we will start integrating the Payment and coin systems like Bitcoin, Etherium, Mobile phone verification system etc..

e. Testing and Debugging:- After Integration we will start testing the whole website with you and debug the system if we find any bug or issue.

f. Finalization and deployment:- after testing and debugging we will finalize the developed website and deploy it to your server.

3. I have mentioned my points in brief above and into your job post, for detailed document you need to make a list of functionalities you want into your website on which we can proceed.

4. You need High End Server with Dedicated IP and an SSL to make it work with Bitcoind and other 2FA of Google.

Let me know if you have more questions or we can discuss the things in detail through Chat Box.


$2,600 USD


  United Kingdom


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"To properly scope this project out we need to discuss your requirements in detail. The information you've provided in your project listing is helpful but it's not enough detail to provide an accurate estimate, a project like this would be a long term project to be done right AND securely.

I am an experienced web application developer with a strong focus on security focusing primarily on the LAMP stack but i can also work with other technologies too.

You will need to build your exchange as multiple, scalable applications and micro-services rather then building everything into one monolithic application.

There would be various components to make this work, keep in mind some of this will vary depending on your exact requirements so a lot of whats written here is based off assumptions about your requirements which aren't detailed in your project listing.

You would need a public facing application, this is basically the site that your customers would visit, here you would provide an interface for performing exchanges, handling support tickets, managing account security. If you wanted to facilitate mobile user's at a minimum the public facing application would need to be fully responsive too.

Depending on your scalability requirements you may also want to build this as a multi-tier application so the public facing web-app talks to your backend systems via an API layer using REST+JSON, this also gives you the benefit of having an API interface you can plug native android and ios apps into if desired.

You would also need an admin application for your staff to manage the sites data, see what exchanges are taking place, respond to support tickets, check the health of the various micro-services that are involved etc...

You would also need a trading engine that can run independently of the public and admin applications, how we design this and how we integrate it into the various currency wallets will depend on your requirements and also how much volume you expect to be handling.

You would also need an API layer to isolate the wallet daemons from your web applications, so you can generate addresses for users to send coins to and trigger coins to be sent out to users without the web applications speaking directly to your wallets, this also provides an additional layer where you can implement additional security precautions.

You will also need to implement a mechanism for moving coins into cold storage, and for working out when you should be moving coins out of cold storage, this could be part of the admin application or built as a separate thing but again this will depend a lot on your requirements, your budget will also have a huge influence on how robustly you can build this exchange especially if security is a strong priority for you.

What's written above isn't everything, we may have to build additional services to handle other aspects of the system but what's outlined above is a very basic and broad overview of what kind-of setup you'll need.

There's more to go into then i can outline in my bid, I've set the bid at $12,000 however with what i have it's not possible for me to provide an accurate estimate without discussing things in depth, it might be more or might be less. When developing the system we would start with the simple tasks and work our way up to the more complex things, this allows us to get the easier stuff built, tested and out of the way as well as frame the architecture so when we come around to working on the more complex aspects, we already know how it needs to be integrated, rather then starting with the more complex (and time consuming) aspects, then having to re-build some of it later if we decide to go down a different route.

I charge hourly (rate is on my profile) and invoice weekly, let me know if you're interested in moving forward with this and reach out to me via the chat feature on this site."

$12,000 USD

Pawan Developers



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1. I need about 35 working days to complete this project.
2. Main phases will be:
Admin:- manage users, currency settings, withdrawal/commision prices, sell/buy prices, manage orders, and all other things that admin needs to handle.

Front end:- front-end theme, home page, user registration, login, manage profile, deposit into wallet, withdraw from wallet, buy/sell orders, manage own orders, exchange currency etc.

Payment gateway setup:- implement payment gateway to deposit,withdraw, exchange currencies, show all currencies prices,

I have analyzed these sites you mentioned in description . I understand your requirements.

I'm full stack developer with 7 years of experience.

I'm available to start this project from Friday.


$1,500 USD

Bhagwant Singh



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"Hello Dear,

Hope you are doing well!

Thanks for sharing your project requirement with us.

It will be our great pleasure to work on your project.

I have checked the websites http://changelly.com and http://shapeshift.io. We already have done work similar to this.

We are happy to start with your project. We will complete the work as per requirement

Let me tell you about our company, we are Estd in 2009.
We are 44 in house team members, and ready to work with you.

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Please let me know, we are online 24x7. I will reply you same time.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and we will work with you on solely basis.


Bhagwant Singh
AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd"

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"lets start this awesome project......"

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"when can i start on the job?"

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"Let me do it. Because have a lot of experience in doing website with cryptocurencies platform. So giving that job to me. Count it done. Thanks"

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We have seen that your requirements are totally matches our skills and we have enthusiastic team that can help you and do the work as per your requirements.

HTML, CSS, UI design, PHP+MySQL, javascript, jquery, AJAX, e-commerce, magento, wordpress, shopify, open cart, API integration, XML java, dotnet, e-commerce, shopify, opencart, SEO,SMM, SMO etc.

Can we please initiate chat for better understanding? Can we proceed further?


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"Dear Prospect Hiring Manager.

Thank you for giving me a chance to bid on your project. i am a serious bidder here and i have already worked on a similar project before and can deliver as u have mentioned

I have checked your requirements. We have right skills to work on this assignment. We are a team of professionals including experienced analysts, designers, project managers, developers and QA people having great expertise in web applications development mainly on core PHP, PHP with open sources (Joomla, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Cake PHP), .NET, Asp.NET, Vb.NET, HTML 5 etc. and mobile applications on ios and Android platform.

Our award = superb result = happy client. In a good partnership, good results happen. Good cooking makes good eating!BWe consider our client as our partner.

I am ready to discuss with you

with best Regards"

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Shikha Agrawal



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We will discuss the thinks on chat as I have so many question related to the project. And I have made hyip script related to the same.


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Nice to see your requirement and the work is doable for me.
Below are the basic things I need to tell you:
1. The whole project work will take 45 working days to complete this project.
2. Main phases are:
i: Admin.

ii: The Frontend.

iii. Payment gateway

I have analyzed the sites you have mentioned and the overall work is doable for me."

$2,000 USD

Type of Work

Websites and software


cold wallet
Account Management