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This is a bug bounty meaning that you must only bid if you have found a bug and you must bid the amount specified in the description. Any bid inconsistent with this will be rejected. This of course is in violation of recommended practices for this site but those recommendation is for projects, this is a bug bounty. Please understand this before you make any work or bid on the project. If anyone feels that this is a very good idea and want to contribute your own BTC to it then contact me.

Find a previously undocumented bug in the AMDGPU drivers stack that cause system freeze. This may be memory management problems that causes a freeze eventually, as systems that run out of memory tend to stop working.

The bug that you find must be demonstrateable BOTH in the stable and the current edgiest code. This means that if the bug has been fixed in the latest code but are still in the stable version you cannot claim a bounty. It also vice versa means that if the bug are introduced in the freshest code but haven't found it's way to stable you can not claim a bounty.

Using Firefox, Chromium and other browsers with GPU activated (Google how to do this) freezes my computer. This is rather rare and random but it is a known phenomena which is why these GPU:s are not used by default with these browsers. This means that there are code in these browsers that cause some kind of corruption within the AMD GPU stack. This can in turn be a hardware bug as well as anywhere in the software stack. It could be a memory leak my guess is that it's not, as it is rather sudden. Often only video, keyboard etc freezes while audio plays on suggesting that the freeze is localized to video. It is very likely that there are more than one bug that can cause this and that fixing one doesn't make the system as stable as using VESA/Generic drivers but at least crashes would become less frequent. The suggestion is that you dig in to the GPU code in these browsers and see if anything they do changes anything related to the GPU in a way that it shouldn't. Such as leaking memory or leaving some registers in a corrupt state. If this is an application level bug it can be important as well but I don't think that an application should be able to randomly freeze the entire system video feed so I'll still classify it as a system level bug.

I will grant one and only one bounty for this project. If it is claimed I may post more projects but that's not guarantied. So you should only be working on this project if you feel that it is important to find bugs like this and want a bonus in addition to your contribution to open source software. Or if you are very poor and $50 really means a lot to you.



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