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Hello, thank you for your interest.

I am looking for someone that can present my company in a short video.

I have written script, the video goes from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

You should be able to speak in a perfect English, we prefer native speaker.
You should be able to dress nicely for the video, as a man in a suit, as a woman in a nice dress.

Please tell me what you can offer.
If you only stand in front of a white screen, or are you able to do the video in a nicely office, that looks professional?
Maybe you are even able to get professional company logos for the videos?
Some examples:
-> If you can do something like this, it would be perfect. Even some small logos that are visible would be great, it doesn't need to be that big.

If you can do this, please write me your offer and send me some videos if you have done something like this before.

Kind regards

Ps: Price can go up if you are able to make the video with company logos.
If you are able to ad visible statistics into the video or show them on a board or something like this, would give extra points and money.

Update on Oct 20, 2017 4:46 AM
Edit: My budget went wrong. I pay more than only 10$, don't worry.


Daniel Puro



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"Hi Independent audiovisual producer here"

$100 USD




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"Dear sir/madam ,
"I understand what you are looking for. I’ve read your project and understood. Because I’ve completed the done work before so I am sure it will not be a problem for me. I am highly professional and skilled web designer and developer (responsive) with more than 15 year experience of development. I am fully skilled and up to date with all web technologies/languages including (HTML5, AJAX, CSS3, ASP.Net, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL, Oracle etc.). I’ve read your project and understood. I assure you 100 % professional and user friendly work environment. Feel free to ask any question. Thank you"

Thank you

$35 USD


  South Africa


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"I can make you the video... I have talent and I am I catching. Good marketing skills..."

$12 USD


  United States


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I'd love to be the video spokesperson for your product, service or website!
Please read before contacting me
Simply send me your script and any basic information or requirements.
• NO adult content
You must send your fully edited script. Check for grammar and spelling BEFORE sending to me.
Using names or words not commonly used in North America? Unique business name? You MUST send me clear, easy-to-read pronounciation; the way you'd like it to be read on camera.


$120 USD


  United States


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"I can make the short video you describe for $15. You can expect 1080HD quality on a green screen background and perfect english.

For $20 extra - I can take out the green screen and replace it with anything you want in the background...we can pick any office you desire, and I can also enter in any logo or information you would like.

You can also choose to have my female fiance' to read the script instead of me if you want.

If you need more work done we can talk about the price!"

$15 USD

Jessie Baay



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"I will do what you really want."

$20 USD


  United Kingdom


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"I can do what you want with Adobe Flash feel free to talk to me I will satisfy you."

$40 USD

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