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There's an outdated game called boombang.nl

This game uses flashplayer, therefore swf. Every action in game, is a packet you send to the server through the client. What I want? There's a game inside the game called "Ring" where you're supposed to punch other characters. Of course you have to click on them then click punch in order to do so. There's a way to send the packets with a script to all of the users so you don't have to even bother, the script will punch everyone for you.

For that you need a packetlogger, to capture the packet which means a punch to the server so you can later use it.

Summary: I want you to create a script to punch the character next to me, not the one that I have in the screen (if you click someone you'll get their datacard at the right top conner)

A perfect example of what I want is this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bskp8FSnqC0

I have the source code of the game so It'd be easier for you to understand.





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