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Hi there!

I am the PR manager for a project that is about to embark on a crowdsale via an ICO. It is an extension of a physical project in industrial agriculture, with more than $10m already invested by its owners. However, a lot more financial strength will be needed, hence a simple tokenized model for fundraising and future profit distribution via the ICO.

I am reaching out to crypto specialists like yourself as part of a awareness campaign blitz that we have launched, running up to the main ICO on November 15, 2017. The main objectives of this campaign will be to raise the project's profile among the crypto community, encourage discussion and of course to promote the public fundraising for the project through a crowdsale of its tokens in the coming month-long ICO.

The offer
The proposal is simple: we would like you to create an initial Youtube video/Reddit post/Steemit post in good English. You do not need to be a native speaker, simply that your language must be clear and engaging.

This post/video can be a review of the project or ICO, or can be your own introduction of what the project is.

We can offer a payment from 0.01 to 0.05 BTC, depending on the following criteria:
1. Quality of post/video, including aesthetics.
2. Quality of language.
2. # of followers/subscribers/karma.

As a general guide, we will pay 0.01 for 1k-4.9k followers, 0.02 for 5k to 9.9k, 0.03 for 10k to 19.9k, 0.04 for 20k to 39.9k, 0.05 for 40k and up, provided quality requirements are met. We will consider a higher rate if the quality of material exceeds our expectations.

Should we accept and pay for your initial post/video, we will invite you to continue making posts/videos daily up to the launch of our ICO, and possibly beyond. Currently, this is a campaign of at least 19 posts/videos at the same payment rate each. That's a potential of 0.19 to 0.95 BTC for a single daily post for 19 consecutive days.

More information
To apply, simply email us at PR-Person@gmx.com with the following:

1. Your platform details, including # of followers.
2. A sample of your work.

If we accept, we will reply via email, providing you information to make your initial post with our initial offer. Payment will be made upon review and acceptance of the initial post. The same will apply should we continue to engage your services.

1. We will not use escrow. Once you reach out, you will be provided with our information. You will see clearly that we are a serious project and cannot afford to ruin our reputation with so much at stake.
2. We will pay fairly. We are aware of what average bounties are and ours is potentially above average at today's Bitcoin prices - for the right qualifying actions from you.
3. If we do not get back to you, you probably didn't make the cut.
4. This is a self-moderated thread. We will delete pointless, unhelpful comments.
5. More information via email. So do apply!

Thank you for your time.

Update on Oct 27, 2017 11:22 AM
People, before you apply, please read the post. I need bloggers and youtubers with followers.

None of you seem to even spend 2 minutes to read the qualifying details before bidding. In real life, your CVs would be rejected.

Don't waste your time, and my time, applying if you don't understand what is required.





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"I can create Youtube video/Reddit post/Steemit post about the paunch of your ICO, let's discuss further in chat..."

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"I have 7 mil followers on facebook i can post to. Keep in touch"

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""Hi, i am a full stack mobile & web dev having similar technical skills & experience & have already worked on a similar project before
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+Great expertise in web applications"

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emily john

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"i will make it for you with a very nice quality"

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"Hello there, this is Isika Kingsley, I'm a well renowned internet marketer, blogger ,web developer, SEO consultant and crypto mangate ,I'd love to help you promote your ICO, because I know you will not regret it as I have over 4000 active friends on Facebook and YouTube subscribers ,you can check out my
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Kindly consider my application and get back to me, as this will go a long way in promoting/marketing your ICO.
I hope to hear from you soon.
You can email me :"

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"Hi I am interested with the job i am a freelance blogger and i can help you to advertise. thanks"

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