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Alex Ferrari

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We want to launch an ICO based on Ethereum platform. We need a landing page for our Ico, whitepaper, road map, and logo design. Graphic design needs to be professional and we need to consider security measures regarding an Ico.
After accepting the project we discus about the road map, white paper and content.
Template could be like hacken.io website.
Wallet issues and more details are included.
Quality of your work, crypto currency portfolio and price are main factors to work with freelancers.

"""""Only freelancers with ICO Launch and crypto currency knowledge bid on the project please.""""



  South Korea


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"Hi. Professional is here.

Feel free to check my profile for reviews and portfolios.

I have handled this kind of project in the past. And I delivered a very good job. IE. Logos, Icons, Banners, Whitepaper, Social Media Engagement, Favicon, Roadmaps, Graphs, Charts and many more.

Looking to hear from you soon.

Thank you."

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"Let's get started, your professional is here with 100% service delivery right on time. Let us discuss, let us discuss!"

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"Try me, I guarantee you 100% satisfaction"

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"I can get it done in no time... 100% professionalism"

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  United Kingdom


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"Hi, I am crypto-crazed since 2012 and have lots of experience in that field, I helped in the past with new ico development (ormeus) I understand its eth based token and will be happy to cooperate"

$1,000 USD

Judy Palmy



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"Imagine your business having the power to captivate your reader's attention! Imagine gripping copy that hypnotizes your audience. Imagine people falling all over themselves to utilize your product or service. Sound too good to be true? Hmmm... Not really?

As a professional SEO content writer with extensive experience using WordPress, keywords and HTML, I can help a website increase readership while maintaining its high standards. Because each website has a different target audience, I quickly learned how to adjust my writing style. I am adept at writing content to be read by anyone from students to top decision-makers at international firms.

Whether it's a press release, blog article, white paper or a full-fledged editorial piece, the bottom line is that content marketing is huge. With more websites popping up and more content being published, great content is more important than ever. If you're looking for top-notch content at an affordable price, look no further than this"

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Bhargavi Sayee



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"I have been writing about blockchain for the last few months and I have contributed to Quora and Kryptomoney, two of the most read forums and blockchain news sites. I have also created content for dozens of fintech startups. Cryptocurrencies is the niche that I have chosen to pursue as a copywriter, and I understand how fast the technology is changing.

I have also worked on the below projects as a Copywriter:

1/ Ethereum Crypto Exchange White Paper for a South African based startup client named "CryptoCo".

2/ "Crowdbucks" Whitepaper which is a state-of-the-art trading platform featuring Blockchain technology to support "mutual credit" based in Canada.

3/ Ethereum Crypto Exchange White Paper for a Gujarat, India based client named "GoldCoin".

4/ Ethereum Crypto Exchange White Paper for a Vietnam based client named INTRACO for their ICO project named " Carbon Credit Coin"

5/ Ethereum Crypto Exchange White Paper for a Mumbai based client named SATE Process Equipment Pvt Ltd for their ICO project named " SATE Coin""

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"Hi I am Sara,

I can do graphic design and logo design for you.
Just tell me when you are ready we will chat and discuss some of the details about your project. Looking forward for your response.


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"I can do this job perfectly well for you and trust me you won't regret giving me this please let's discuss over chat. Thanks"

$800 USD

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Cryptocurrency (creating / cloning / issues et.)


Graphic Design
Logo Design
White Paper Writing