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Hello freelancer's we want experienced developer who had done this before ! and you must show what you did

to create verified erc20 token , with specific conversion rate and get all the ico things done perfectly with automatic transfering function





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"Hi, i am a full stack mobile & web dev having similar technical skills & experience & have already worked on a similar project before so can do this Ref : https://www.2basetechnologies.com/portfolio
Great expertise in web applications development mainly on PHP, (Joomla, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Cake PHP), .NET, Asp.NET, Vb.NET, HTML 5 etc.& mobile apps"

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  New Zealand


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I can do this work for you perfectly and professionally."

$2,850 USD

Judy Palmy



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"Imagine your business having the power to captivate your reader's attention! Imagine gripping copy that hypnotizes your audience. Imagine people falling all over themselves to utilize your product or service. Sound too good to be true? Hmmm... Not really?

As a professional SEO content writer with extensive experience using WordPress, keywords and HTML, I can help a website increase readership while maintaining its high standards. Because each website has a different target audience, I quickly learned how to adjust my writing style. I am adept at writing content to be read by anyone from students to top decision-makers at international firms.

Whether it's a press release, blog article, white paper or a full-fledged editorial piece, the bottom line is that content marketing is huge. With more websites popping up and more content being published, great content is more important than ever. If you're looking for top-notch content at an affordable price, look no further than this"

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  Costa Rica


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""I´m Software Engine, i can help yu with a example creating account, tokens ans transfer account between example accounts.

Maybe we can use ERC20 and SafMath in solidity Lenguage with Remix and MetaMask as IDE. Create the account and see the transfer, Or Use EtherWallet.""

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  United States


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"Kindly we communicate for efficiency on work, otherwise i have experience in handling such type of work"

$70 USD

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Cryptocurrency (creating / cloning / issues et.)


Cryptocurrency Exchange
Cryptocurrency Exchange API
Cryptocurrency Mining