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Promo video for our club: Starts with rotating Earth being illuminated with sun light like in the universal studios video except our 35 key countries are highlighted with the specific colors like in the spaceagea.guru Oneworld picture(attached). Then there comes the authentic rotating blue moon with eagle on the top of it circling to the top of the earth leaving a circle of all the religions symbols in to the Akaash/outer layer of our atmosphere and our number game logo to the middle of earth while the moon keeps on passing the earth after which the transparent number game logo starts growing until it covers the whole world and the lower pyramid starts to grow up with pushing the upper pyramid to raise up from the earth with the eagle and eventually when the lower pyramid has pushed the upper pyramid up from the earth at the same when the planets are in alignment as in the picture attached the eagle starts to fly towards the upper right corner leaving smaller pyramids to the planets and moons symbolizing as colonies and continues flying towards the horizon where there is Nebula. there should come the rainbow couple standing on top of the rotating planet earth in the end with the Santa Claus on the lower left corner.


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