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I have been developing the IMPERCEPTOR software (www.imperceptor.com) since 2007 to remove objectionable content from SD & HD disc / streaming media for free. The software has been released for EventGhost as a plugin (www.eventghost.net) and is in the final development stages preparing for release as a free, open-source, standalone application for Mac OS X and Windows 7/10 (https://www.xbtfreelancer.com/prj/6329/software-development-support-for-imperceptorcom).

The software removes objectionable content from media based on Subrip subtitle files (downloadable from www.subscene.com for many popular movies) that contain HTML font tags that identify and categorize the type of objectionable content so that users may choose whether they want the audience to see and/or hear it. Currently the filter files are posted in an FTP folder so that they can be easily downloaded and shared (www.imperceptor.com/filterfiles/).

The issues:

In the absence of an existing filter file, a user downloads the Subrip subtitle text file for the media from www.subscene.com. Looking on www.subscene.com for a particular movie, there are hundreds of available subtitles, all by different authors, making it very difficult to choose a baseline file.

Once a user selects and downloads a baseline Subrip subtitle file, the user processes the subtitle file through the IMPERCEPTOR Subrip Preditor module, that analyzes the subtitles for offensive language, as defined in a user-editable dictionary (currently only in English but easily expandable to additional languages), and tags the offensive language with subtitle replacements. Users can also manually tag visually offensive content such as rude gestures, sexuality, violence, and substance abuse.

Once a subtitle file has been tagged, it becomes a filtered subtitle file that can be shared with community.

I want the www.imperceptor.com website to be friendly for the future community of IMPERCEPTOR software users.

There are hundreds of Subrip subtitle choices on www.subscene.com for one movie. I want to present one subtitle choice per movie to the user, so they don’t have to try to guess which one is the best. I really want some type of revision control, so users can easily see what another user added/changed if they wanted to see that information. Also, since there are OS X and Windows users creating text files, there can be conflicts with end of line characters unless we have plans for this upfront.

I’m seeking for a web developer that can do the following:
1) Use the existing www.imperceptor.com/filterfiles as a starting point / baseline.
2) Implement username/password login credentials for www.imperceptor.com users
3) Implement a Subrip filter file management system that allows users to share / upload a Subrip filter file for specific media.
4) Implement a Subrip filter file revision control system where users can improve a Subtitle and the website will compare the two files to identify / summarize the differences between the two files. In contrast to www.subscene.com, I don’t want the focus to be on how many different variations of the same subtitle a user can upload for recognition; I want the focus to be on a Filter File that has been improved collectively by the community of users for the enjoyment of all.
5) Possibly allow users to leave comments on each individual filter file.
Implement a way for users to be able to easily and quickly download the latest files and upload their changes. NOTE: IMPERCEPTOR is written in Python 2.7 and wxPython 3.0 — it would be amazing if the web developer were able to write a piece of code that could automatically check www.imperceptor.com for the latest software & filter files and download them automatically / however often the user specifies.
6) Possibly implement some type of forum where users can help each other / raise issues / provide software feedback.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DESIGNING & DEVELOPING THIS WEBSITE, please send me a CHAT message with 1) your specific experience and/or plans to accomplish each of these milestones, 2) any ideas / vision you have for where you can take this project/website, and 3) an outline of your proposed milestones, budget, and schedule. I will carefully consider each proposal and respond to your message if I am interested. I DO NOT ACCEPT GENERAL PROPOSALS MISSING MILESTONES, BUDGET, and/or SCHEDULE.

NOTE: I'm characterizing this as a Large project ($2000 - 5000 USD) for the sake of putting something down but the price entirely depends upon your proposed milestones, rate, and budget. Proposals higher/lower than this project amount are also accepted and will be reviewed. I'll add an initial 0.1 bitcoin milestone to the project immediately upon posting it so that funds are escrowed/guaranteed from the beginning of project award.





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