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Need someone who is experienced in Smart Contract Development that is open to a partnership possibility. Details are as follows:

Here is the check list for you:
1. Min ICO cap (in ETH and/or tokens):
• 250
2. Max ICO cap (in ETH and/or tokens):
• 6000
3. Hard Cap
• $7,000,000
4. Soft Cap
• $250,000
5. When will ICO start:
6. How long will ICO last:
• 30 days
7. Limit for max number of ICO investors or investments?
• N/A
8. Conversion rate of ETH->tokens:
• $0.01 = 1 token
9. Discount scheme for the ICO Phase
• Whitelist: 20%
• 1st week: 15%
• 2nd week: 10%
• 3rd week: 5%
• 4th week: 0%
10. Should the invested ETH be returned if min cap is not reached by the end of the ICO?
• No
11. What should happen with the tokens not sold during ICO phase (are they rolled to ICO phase,
or burned, or awarded to Founder or something else)?
• Moved to separate address
12. Any other ICO constraints?
• 600,000,000 ICO
• 120,000,000 Bonus
• 180,000,000 Market Makers
• 100,000,000 Team
13. Total supply of tokens for ICO:
• 600,000,000 for ICO , 1,000,000,000 total supply
14. Decimals​
• 18
15. Name of the smallest unit of currency
• Gwei
16. Do you have complete founding team (including technical and domain subject matter
• Yes, why do you ask?
17. Are there any other phases of the ICO planned? If yes, specify its min/max caps; start/end
date/conditions; any discounts:
• No
18. Should there be possibility to assign tokens manually by Founder during any phase of ICO or
after ICO (for example to award tokens for the off-chain investment in BTC or Fiat)?
• Yes
19. When should the token start to be tradeable between investors (during Pre-ICO, during ICO,
immediately after ICO, or date manually chosen by the Founder)
• Manually by founder
20. Should the invested ETH be send to the Owner wallet immediately after every investment or
hold in the contract to become withdrawable by Owner only after the ICO is over?
• Immediately after every investment
21. Any other conditions, details or contract specification:
• N/A
22. Should there be failsafe switch off for the ICO which stops any incoming deposits (in case
some bug found or other unforeseen circumstances)? Error! Filename not specified.

Project Stage: Concept
Ongoing project: Smart Contract Design
Project Type: Ongoing project



  United States


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"I will get started on the contract tonight. I will email you with progress updates."

$1,000 USD

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Cryptocurrency (creating / cloning / issues et.)