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Hello Everyone,

I want to boost performance of my youtube channel. I want to grow my subscribers to 10,000 and views to 10,000 views per day. You can see videos on my youtube channel here.


Please let me know what you will do and how you will do. You can do facebook marketing, twitter marketing or whatever you can do but please let me know what you will do. I prefer to see sample of your work before deciding to work with any seller so please show some sample of your service and tell your price. Most important thing I never try to raise views from exchange sites so if you are doing that then no need to bid on my project. PM me if you have any questions.

Thank You

Update on Feb 4, 2018 9:30 AM
Please provide more details about what will you do and how will you do to get me more subscribers and more views on my channel.



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"Hello there!

We can provide you the required marketing for your project. From Social Media Signals to inbound marketing, we can provide you the right service for your project. Here is what we can offer you for $50:

* 1000+ Subscribers to your Youtube Channel generated exclusively by your channel category.
* 10,000+ Highly Country Targeted Youtube Views generated through Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)
* Social Media Shares that will bring 100% organic traffic to your channel.

We provide full support for marketing and thus you can benefit with our services. Kindly send us a PM to discuss more!


$50 USD




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"i will do this and give you a good result as you desire contact me and let me get it done for you asap

$100 USD


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"I will funnel your link thru my own YouTube channel, spam post it on my Twitter accounts, place your channel thru CBN network, telegram and steem.
I have followers who retweet, message and forward my trading. This will be just as easy

What I will do is learn what your channel is about post great things about it and encourage and entice people to subscribe."

$110 USD




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"YouTube marketing is my field of expertise. The process will take a couple of weeks but you will have more REAL viewers. No bots.
My method uses Facebook booster advertisements and other methods that I would rather not give away to everyone but I am willing to do it for you.

Also if you need an experienced video editor I am your man.

Let’s discuss details."

$20 USD




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"I can do this perfectly. I will grow your channel to your satisfaction. Let's discuss in chat for full information about the job. I will be waiting for you. Thanks."

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"Be consistent, do trends only if you want to and can afford it, flashy thumbnails are important and always clickbait them, you will start to grow as a channel and as a person. You don't want to be a channel with 100k subs and less than 100 views everyday. Always be engaging on your channel and every social media. Add non-copyrighted music from soundcloud or instrumentals from popular songs to your videos, because when I watched your video (even though I can't understand it) and its dry. Please give people different tones in voices, give them more energy, take out all the laughing effects. I hope I helped in some way."

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"I would run Facebook ad campaigns in 2 ways
1. your own page original content
2. create a different page with viral type of material and get it to a level where i can begin subtly introducing your content
I am also very good with youtube ad campaigns / target marketing
We will join interest some groups with separate profile accounts where we will share your videos"

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"I will make your youtube channel go viral,
I will create social media posts which entice readers and put your youtube channel for view on facebook,twitter and other social platforms. I distribute you link randomly to email likns I have and other related activities.
I constantly repost your youtube channel to promote viewing si"

$60 USD


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"I can market your channel to the USA and worldwide using effective and proven tactics."

$70 USD




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"Hello, I would advise that you use attractive thumbnail images to draw in viewers.
I can design 10 attractive thumbnails for you for $75. This will guarantee that you get more viewers."

$75 USD

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