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Ankur Deori

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I am looking for an experienced female voice over narrator(american accent) with calm and soothing voice for a 12-14 minute YouTube Video. She must have at her disposal a reasonably quiet room with voice recording equipment with no outside noise disturbance. She must record herself narrating a paragraph for us to determine if she is the right fit. Along with that she must give us consent, digitally writing us an email, that she is okay with us using her voice over the video if she is selected to do the job.

Please record a 5 minute Raw audio of your narration using Audacity narrating the paragraph attached as a document. Please make two sets of audio file exported as extension .mp3 , with one of them being edited to make it more appealing while the other audio should be raw format (No Editing done).

Please read the paragraph attached here and record yourself preferably using Blue SnowBall mike or its equivalent audio recording device and send it to me at the email address: "theentrepreneur@protonmail.com" minus the quotes.

We leave it to your judgement to determine when to stop where to emphasize certain words etc to make your voiceover more appealing to us.

Certain conditions:
1)Voice must be clear
2)no background noise
3)Two sets of audio file (1 edited and other unedited)
4)try to keep the audio within 5-6 minutes of time
5)concise clear sounding words with accurate pronunciation.

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  United States


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"I can do a female voice does that work well enough??"

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"I'm perfect for the job. Let's do this."

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"Well i am good on this and i will perfect your project ...Message me lets talk business


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"I will love if you give me this project"

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Voice Over (woman)