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We need a Tool to create tracking URLs for affiliate programme as well as an affiliate programme

Please see; https://knowledge.hubspot.com/landing-page-user-guide-v2/how-to-create-a-tracking-url-for-a-landing-page (A Tracking URL allows HubSpot to appropriately bucket the source of a website visit based on a "token" in the URL.)

When the visitor gets to the HubSpot tracked page via a Tracking URL, HubSpot's Sources tool sees the token and separates that traffic out so that how well the content containing the Tracking URL link performed can be analysed

That’s what we need. Please see the attached document on the HubSpot tool also.

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"We are very happy to let you know that we have taking note of your job description and we are professionals that love to work for our customers till they are satisfied with our jo"

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"Having a lot of affiliate network can sometimes be a pain in monitoring all its transaction. We can set up tracking system of all your affiliate network using your webpage and easily monitor all transactions of your earnings, traffic sales, tracking links, affiliate entry pionts and leads
Pm me to discuss more."

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"I can do this. I have done something similar with my website for a referral based system. Let me know"

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