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This is a very simple job. We need someone who resides in UK to open a local Business bank account on behalf of our company. Simple.

We will create a Company branch with you as the local shareholder, and you only need to visit a local bank in the UK and open a Company Business Account. That's it.

It is an app based Company, and we can't do it ourselves since the Bank requires a local resident to be a part of the LLC first.

Simple task. $100 max payment for this. Bid if you are interested and reside in the UK.

If you are good at recruiting programmers or know project management or have any idea of VAT, taxes etc. then there will be a long-term opportunity to work for the Company on a part-time basis.

Further details can be discussed via chat.


School kid

  United States


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"Hi am not in the UK however this I can get done for you in about a week.

I use the same services for my business.

Am also interested in your business.
I'm a recruiter and I have my own team of devs just check my profile for proof am really efficient.

Message me let's discuss."

$100 USD


  United Kingdom


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"hey mate I can help with this.

Please contact if you need my services in the future.

Best Regards,


$100 USD

Elena james



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"Message me and let get to business asap thanks"

$100 USD

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