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  United Kingdom

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I have over the last come 3 years, have been keeping an eye on the UK crypto market and at the moment it is very slow. So this is where I come in and change all of that. I have a whole 7 Page DOC about a new ICO i want to make, I have a lot of knowledge about crypto. However, im looking for a TEAM to be apart of this project. Million pound project is what i can call it. However, I have big investors who will be apart of this but only when they see that a project is being made etc.

However, i would ideally like to hire developers in the UK so i can arrange a meeting etc.
For when the release for the ICO/Launch a CUT of that / percentage will go to the developers. This project is extremely powerful and EVERY Negative I have come across is only just Positive, which means it only gives people a choice but to invest, which can ideally make this currency just as powerful as the biggest Crypto's out there.
The funding recieved for when this ICO launch and money comes in for the ICO, that is when you will get paid.
Hence why im looking for people in the UK so i can arrange meetings etc. As it will be more understandable and easier to communicate.

Dont miss out on this Multi-Mill Oppo
Skype: Flexse7

Never again chance like this i guarentee. I will repeat for payments, when release of this ICO and money raised will go to the team. I have bigger ideas for the team that will be apart of this etc platform and international ATM's.

New ICO/WEb design/recieve&send coins etc.

Update on Apr 9, 2018 7:19 AM
People from Estonia welcomed.



  United States


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"I can do the work perfectly good and also add a good quality to the team if am being selected,drop a line on my chat so we can discuss more on it."

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Cryptocurrency (creating / cloning / issues et.)


Web Design
Cryptocurrency Exchange API