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1. Have you ever made a Bustabit graph game?
If yes, can I adjust House Edge like a casino?
In other words, can I adjust the stop of the graph?
Or would you approach it objectively using random number generation?
(Meaning of random number generation = hash rate)

2. Will the structure of the homepage be the same as Bustabit.com? Or is it a little different? I would like to have the same frame.

3. Is our transaction now transferring ownership? Is it only a lease that I am operating?

4. After I make the payment, you start work.
Can you interfere with Bustabit operations when you are finished and I start operating?
Can you intervene at any time if you have created a program?

5. Can source code be distributed. Right?
Is there anything I can decide on the letters to enter the Bustabit? Is everything the same as bustabit?

6. I want to play graph games for a long time. I am a little worried if you will not be there later, or I will not be able to play graph games because I am making a lot of money.

7. When the game is finished, what should I do first? Is my e-wallet setting set? (I'd like to have a password or private key, etc.)

8. Can I chat with participants? (Bustabit is available for chat)

9. What is the domain costs, hosting costs.
What else is there in the future? How much is each? I have to plan my budget, so let me know each one.

9. What does the server use? And do you do server, hosting, domain connection?

10. When I play games on a regular basis, do your teams observe me every day? Do you see these together with your profits or membership participation? I wonder.

11. Without administrator mode, I can not directly code. Is not there a Web page feature that administrators can easily touch?

12. Is it possible to receive cryptocurrency when I get money from the participants? If the participants of the game make money, are they also paying in cryptocurrency?

13. When the participants pay their VISA card, what does the participant see in Bustabit? cryptocurrency? point?

14. Where are the membership data of game participants stored? Do you access personal information?

15. If Bustabit is operating well, do you think it's OK to try to establish a corporation?

Update on Apr 9, 2018 2:05 PM
Please revert with answer to my questions.
Bid without response will be count as void



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i am larry.
mt demo site is https://bustabit.club and http://app-131.com.
do you need bustabit v1 or v2?
i can provide admin panel also.
i can get your project perfectly.
thank you.
best regards."

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"1) yes, multiple times
You can control next coming games crash point but not current running game.
--> Its upto you if you want to control next coming games or leave it as raondom, But you have both options. So you can use control next games crash point whenever you need

2) Game theme will be same like old bustabit white and green not the current one.

3) You will be only owner

4) Nobody can interfare in the game after its deliver and you have changed all passwords, But some bad developers can set their backdoor entry. But you have to make sure from developer and choose the trusty one

5) it will be 100% copy of old bustabit when ryan used to run bustabit website. Yes you own the source code

6) I will be always here for you if you are good at making payments and understand things clearly.

7) You need to tell first, Which coin you are willing to be integrated. BTW there will be whole blockchain running on your server and deposited funds will be auto moved to your COLD wallet. And instant withdrawal will be performed from your HOT wallet

8) Yes you can chat with players

9) It will be ubuntu server, game will be running on nodejs with postgres database and plv8 extension

10) No we have nothing to do with your games and profit and losses

11) You will be given an admin panel with multiple features

12) Yes this is how bustabit works only.

13) payments can not be accepted with visa and credit card etc

14) We wll have database access while development after delivery of project we can not have access to your server and database because it will be changed by you as per our directions

15) Depends on your mood

Here is our latest bustabit project we are working in with Ethereum integration

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how are u?
i have bustabit site i have developed.
if u are interesting, please let me know"

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"I have already developed.
I did everything you wanted.
I can show it to you.
I want to discuss with you in detail."

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"Dear Prospect Hiring Manager.

Thank you for giving me a chance to bid on your project.I have checked your requirements. i am a serious bidder here and i have already worked on a similar project before and can deliver as u have mentioned

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$555 USD

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