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  United States

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Minimum 12 years of extensive experience in desktop-based application and web-based application
Minimum of 3 years software project management experience
Excellent communication skills.
Has excellent projects written in C or Golang
Has experience developing protocols or peer 2 peer applications
Must be able to provide at least 5 most recent projects written in C or Golang
He must be a software-architect level
Willing to work under high pressure and tight deadlines

He will participate with decenternet architecture design, integration, and implementation
He/she will be required to hold conferences regarding our project local and abroad
He will collaborate with the development leads and advisors in project’s best architecture design
Formulating of effective development strategy
Project management

Bonus Points
Knowledge in Blockchain development
Linux or MacOS development experience is a plus
Any related certifications in Communication and Information Technology industry
Has libertarian culture or philosophy
Excellent internet connection, must be able to host conferences online
Has experience developing a mobile app

Hiring Process
Step 1: Candidates must provide a letter discussing his suitability and competence to the position
Step 2: Curriculum Vitae submission
Step 3: Skype meeting and interview most likely with Randy
Step 4: Face to face meeting and interview most likely with Randy
Step 5: Meeting / Interview with Boss and probably executives and advisors as well

Send your resume to ldeangelo77@gmail.com

**Up to CONFIDENTIAL Pesos Monthly Salary depending on applicant’s compatibility and proficiency
**Benefits and other terms are negotiable and to be discussed





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""I will do this project perfectly..drop me a line over chat""

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"I am Blockchain Developer working on cryptocurrency network(OS Community), INTERESTED IN THIS OPPORTUNITY & WOULD LIKE TO BE PART OF THE TEAM."

$10 USD/ week




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"I am now a java developer at big data and core banking systems.
I was programming and CTO in IoT company for 2 years. at this company, I programming embedded systems with C and send data to java web services that use RDBMS, NoSQL, and Apache Kafka.
other my experiences are developing Qt and java swing.
I think that I can support you and your team with my experiences and corporates with you by developing some section of the project."

$300 USD/ week




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"Hello, your professional can deliver this task with 100% task delivery right on time. let us discuss""

$50 USD/ week

Type of Work

Cryptocurrency (creating / cloning / issues et.)