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anyone who have enough skill or capable to unhash sha-512...



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"I can do this perfectly. I have already worked with similar types of projects. So far i am 7+years experienced blockchain developer. More details via chat. Let's connect and discuss it."

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I can do it. I has experience on sha512 development.
Let's chat. Thank you."

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"As already explained in private some time ago, unhashing is not a "programming" problem, and especially not "web" or "JavaScript". It is a mathematical problem. Unhashing is mathematically meaningless and impossible, hashing is no compression, hashing is no encryption. People who pretend they can do this LIE, simply lie. They are crooks. Are you trying to build a black list of freelancers here? Well, I will consider you don't and bid anyway, with a honest explanation and proposal.

The thing that looks the closer to unhashing is colliding. Creating data that has a specific hash. The same hash a, for example, a specified password.
Colliding SHA512 by bruteforce needs something like pow(10, 77) trials. And we know no serious way to really reduce those numbers. Count billions of billions of billions... of years, if you do thousands of trials per second. So unhashing is impossible, and colliding is so hard that we should consider it impossible.

But maybe one solution remains... No one needs to "unhash" anything. No one needs something impossible, and no one needs something uninteresting **by itself**. You think you need to unhash (or maybe collide) something for a reason. Maybe that task you need to do and for which you think "unhashing" would bring you a solution is doable by other means. Explain me that task, so that we can talk seriously."

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"Dear sir,

My areas of expertise includes web and mobile design/development. I can create attractive web and mobile user interfaces, as well as turning them into live and functional websites, mobile applications.

These are my relevant skills:
- Web design: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
- Web development: HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Nodejs, Backbonejs, PHP, Codeigniter, Yii, Laravel, Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Opencart
- Mobile: Android, iOS, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap

please let me know

Thank you

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"I can do it perfectly well."

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"Hello there breaking a hash is very complicated area of encrypting/cryptography but due to the power of combinations of computer around the world this becomes an interesting job for people like me....please do contact me if you want to get this job done accurately"

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