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Hello again from the merkle tree! :)

We'd like to hire an additional Javascript expert.

To qualify:

* Be an Expert Javascript Programmer; your github proof (with public email displayed) is required
* Experienced in working with Node.js, Express, Socket.io and Feathers.js
* All cryptocurrencies must still be legal in the country in which you live.
* You must accept payments in Bitcoin

NOT required, but this is a plus:

* Some experience in working with Linux servers

This is a long term project. Most of it will be your code (I know, digging through another guy's code sucks). You can always chat with us on Telegram if you need help or want to pitch your ideas. This job will employ you immediately, and I am very flexible on hours that you can commit as well as the timezone in which you live. Our Dev Teams are located all over the Earth, and upon being hired I am going to introduce you to many of them.

We are always at your side on Telegram/Keybase (+ there are 9 other Devs here) should you have any questions or want to pitch your ideas, and we always have quick (usually less than 30 minute) meetings each week to sum up everyone’s progress and chit-chat with the other Devs, etc.

If you are looking to work in the blockchain industry, this is the mother of all projects. We love what we do here and are working fast to bring chain-agnostic infrastructure to the world of digital currencies, so hopefully that matters to you as well.


Not qualified? Please spread the word!

Qualified Applicants must ping me on Telegram: http://t.me/kenCode
Qualified Applicants must ping me on Telegram: http://t.me/kenCode

Thank You! :)
Peace, Love, and Agorism.

Agorise, Ltd.





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I can do it. I has a long experience on javascript, Linux server and cryptocurrency.
I can satisfy all your needs.
Let's chat. Thank you."

$5,000 USD


  United States


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"An Expert in Javascript Programmer with a github proof including a public email displayed will be shown out
also in Experienced in working with all this Node.js, Express, Socket.io and Feathers.js
* And all the cryptocurrencies will be legal in my country
* Also your payments in Bitcoin is highly accepted sir
Awaiting your lightly response back sir

$5,000 USD




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"Hi, sir.
how are you?
I am full Javascript expert.
I mastered React.Js, Angular.Js, Node.Js, Vue.Js etc...
I have already built erc20 and erc223 token,erc 721 token, some coins.
And I created multi-platform wallet gui.

I have also developed three ICO sites and two exchange sites.

I can build total BTC(ETH) modules including coin creating, pre miner, wallet gui development, white paper and road map.
If you want, I can show some screenshot trading site of I am developing
Seems to be an interesting work and good opportunity to show my skills to work with you in future as well.
I'm a professional developer with experience of over 10 years.
so that I can bring your idea to live perfectly.
I will be happy to discuss with you via chat.
Best Regards!

my Skype ID is hantig1986 and my name is John Won."

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"Dear sir,

My areas of expertise includes web and mobile design/development. I can create attractive web and mobile user interfaces, as well as turning them into live and functional websites, mobile applications.

These are my relevant skills:
- Web design: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
- Web development: HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Nodejs, Backbonejs, PHP, Codeigniter, Yii, Laravel, Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Opencart
- Mobile: Android, iOS, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap

please let me know

Thank you

$5,555 USD

Type of Work

Cryptocurrency (creating / cloning / issues et.)


Socket IO