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How to Use the Cyber Security Framework

The Framework is designed to complement existing business and cybersecurity
operations, and can be used to:
• Understand security status
• Establish / Improve a cybersecurity program
• Communicate cybersecurity requirements with stakeholders, including partners
and suppliers
• Identify opportunities for new or revised standards
• Identify tools and technologies to help organizations use the Framework
• Integrate privacy and civil liberties considerations into a cybersecurity program.

Using the Cyber Security Framework https://goo.gl/QACG7k

“A model of public-private cooperation, this Framework will help industry and
Government strengthen the security and resiliency of our critical infrastructure.”
– President Obama, September 30, 2014
• Organizations—led by their senior executives—are using the framework to
improve their cybersecurity programs
• Industry groups, associations, and non-profits are playing key roles in
assisting their members to understand and use the CyberSecurity Framework by:
– Building or mapping their sector’s specific standards, guidelines, and best practices
to the framework
– Developing and sharing examples.
• The U.S. Government is committed to helping organizations understand and
use the framework, getting feedback on initial use.

KeyPoints about the Framework

It’s a framework, not a prescription
– It provides a common language and systematic methodology for managing cyber risk
– It does not tell a company how much cyber risk is tolerable, nor does it claim to provide “the one
and only” formula for cybersecurity
– Having a common lexicon to enable action across a very diverse set of stakeholders will enable
the best practices of elite companies to become standard practices for everyone
• The framework is a living document
– It is intended to be updated over time as stakeholders learn from implementation, and as
technology and risks change
– That’s one reason why the framework focuses on questions an organization needs to ask itself to
manage its risk. While practices, technology, and standards will change over time—principals will



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