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Whilst this transition has moved beyond the mind-set of a ‘private cloud only environment’, we are now faced with another choice:

​Microsoft Azure vs AWS​ https://goo.gl/4STSmt

However, while these two are continually compared in a manner that suggest there must be one leading horse - the reality is different. In fact, we actually have the fortune of selecting the most attractive features from each provider, to enable a multi-cloud strategy.As such, this guide will compare the two leading cloud providers [AWS and Azure] and assess their strengths and weaknesses. This includes pricing, features, development and more.Why Undertake an Azure vs AWS Comparison?In view of clarifying the wealth of press coverage this battle gets, it’s important to first understand why the current market has created this [arguable] duopoly.Adopting the CloudFirstly, you have to examine the role played by cloud adoption.As the following graph shows, the benefits of cloud computing stretch across various different levels of decision making. Whether that be through comforting CFOs with operational cost savings, to delighting CTOs with the ability to deliver products at scale.It is interesting to note that the matter of board buy-in is critical. Whereby, many past technologies failed to inspire all organisational functions to act – as such, they didn’t.But here’s the kicker:The fast rate of cloud adoption has meant that organisations are continually in fear of competitive disadvantage, thus compelling them to not fall behind.

AWS vs Azure Market Share: It’s Getting CloserWhen you look at the comparative general revenue of the two cloud providers, Amazon is a comfortable industry leader.AWS has more than 4x the revenue of Azure, and started in the ‘cloud game’ a few years earlier.However, as the following graph shows, Microsoft is very quickly closing the gap with regards to applications workloads, specifically in regards to IaaS. This position is built upon their heritage of working with enterprise platforms.


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