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SO my Website sells certain account of which i will not go into. Users get 5 mins to check the account. If it comes back Bad it will refund the client + the cost of checking

if it comes back Approved it will - 0.30 $ from the client and deny a refund.

This feature appears now to be broken

It is just not refunding our clients under any circumstances.

Also when a client opens a ticket and sends the info in a ticket i can usually click it and it will say OWNER : $username and then i click it and check it manually and if it doesnt work it will refund the client, But this appears now to be broken too as when i open it the OWNER : is blank and therefor it doesnt refund the client when i do my checks or click refund.

Im looking to get these 2 features fixed. This will be over teamviewer as my website files are very restricted. This isnt a big job and any freelancer with experience should be able to fix this within 1 hour max. therefor my offer is a MAXIMUM of $100

DO NOT BID with offers over $100 - They will be ignored. Only Experienced Yii and php coders - Immediate start need this done today.





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"I have multiple years of PHP development particularly with Ecommerce. I can have look if I can't fix I will get your money back.

I have worked with multiple payment platforms including Stripe, Authorize.net, Paypal. Most likely the payment platform updated their API, or there is a syntax error somewhere stopping the entire fragment of code.

Best way to solve this is give me access to the live source code, eg maybe cPanel, so I can quickly and also have the most abilities to do things there as well as easy to backup, see logs, and restore and also deploy solution then and there."

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I can help you do this, drop me a line over chat let's discuss and get started."

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"I can do it, lets discuss"

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Dear Buyer ,
If you want something and don't get it, you either didn't really want it or you tried to bargain over the price , and the key to success said , " decide what youn want and be willing to paythe price and get to work ASAP , Have a specific question to ask regarding on this project , Hire me now and i will start your project immediately

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Alvin Andres



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"$95 and get your job professionally done."

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