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Looking for a professional C++ / C# programmer that has years of experience with the language and also has allot of experience with SMTP/Bulk mailing applications and all the SMTP email security protocols such as SSL/TLS. Programmer must know how to do parallel multi threading and also know how direct mailing works (sending emails through DNS without any SMTP). Must also be able to implement everything into a standalone file that does not need other files for software to run. Please view file attached to project "Mailer-Info" before you place your bid for a brief explanation of requirements. All bugs and issues would be discussed once the code is reviewed and would be provided in a file. There are other requirements but the main understanding is to have in depth knowledge of how SMTP and mailing applications work.

The current source code is programmed in **DELPHI TOKYO**. The current up to date source code would be provided and you will take over the project which is about 75% finished already. The remaining 25% are minor things and options that might or might not be added depending on how everything goes. We are looking for someone that can review the code, debug and remove any issues in the code that we would report and explain to you and your job is to make everything and all options run perfect. Please note that there are many options that may be buggy therefore the length of time needed to fix everything is undetermined. Looking for someone to take on the task and complete everything until it is functioning 100% free of bugs and problems to our satisfaction and then add the additional 25% that would finish the project if those are to be added. We would like this project to be completed within 1-2 weeks if possible but additional time is required this can be discussed. Once project is fully tested, debugged and functioning 100% to our satisfaction we will also require a copy of all new source codes for the project. Alternatively, a complete rewrite could be an option if it is better for you to do.

If you feel you are up to the task and agree that this job is a good fit for you, and you also meet the requirements demanded for the job and can do the work as required quickly, professionally and efficiently please place your bid so that we can review and get started immediately. Thank you.

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