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I am looking for someone that is interested in a full time job. Depending on 5 hours to 10 hours working each day, you will earn between 5.000$ and 10.000$ a month. There is no fix amount, we will give you a percentage from the profits.

The requirements are really clear. If you can not handle this perfectly, please don't make an offer and write me.

The requirements and the procedure:

1. You need to write fluent in French OR in Dutch. With fluent I mean fluent. If you need to use the google translator for emails you can not handle the job and will not earn money at the end and waste our time.

2. Search for some things online so we can fill the website with content. I will tell you exactly what you need to search for.

3. Make a simple but high quality website with this content.

4. I will promote this website over marketing channels.

5. You will need to write emails to all customers that are reaching out to us. The amount of emails will depend on the marketing budget. The more emails, the more money we will earn.

6. You will receive your share as a percentage of 25% from all payments that will be handled over this website.

Some facts:
After the website is complete, we can start within one week with the emails.
You will not get any payment upfront. This is why it does not make sense if you reach out to me if you can't handle the language perfectly and the other requirements. If you try to translate with a translator, you will simply not get it done at the end! I can pay for hosting and other costs like the domain, but that's it.
We are looking for honest longterm workers. If you can't answer the emails every day, because you are not available 4 days every 2 weeks, you can't take the job. If you don't answer the emails we will lose the customers and we lose the marketing budget.

If you are interested write me your job application.

Kind regards





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"Hello Sir

Honestly I cant handle the language you prefer (french & dutch). But I assure you for the website with full awesome quality.

And for the solution of language preference, I will hire a language perfect person. This does not matter.

Just give me a chance to show you website design. I assure you, you will like that very much.

Thanks & Regards"

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"I can get this done for you,

Feel free to view my profile.

Please contact me if you need my services in the future.

Best Regards,


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"I have good knowledge about what you want as this is my specialty! Kindly inbox me to get started. Thanks"

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"it is doable and your professional will deliver this task with 100% task delivery right on time. Would like to discuss more on this."

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"Good Day

I am very interested in the position and I would be interested in learning more about the project, and seek more available opportunities.

My commitment to excellent work standards and customer service will add value to the team.

WordPress, Corel Draw, Excel, eBay / Amazon Lister, Data Base, Google Docs, Craigslist, Graphic Design ,Video Editing, Blogging, Lead Generation, Product Sourcing

Skype: brok.only1


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Manish Soni



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""I will do this project perfectly..drop me a line over chat""

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Cristian Nistor



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I have a diploma in French (DELF B1) from CIEP (International Center for Pedagogical Studies). I'm a fluent in speaking and writing in french. I studied French for 12 years and also have been to french-speaking countries for a few months.

I have extensive experience in webpage design and email marketing. Also, I can help with other marketing channels (Facebook, Google Ads, Chatbot Marketing, LinkedIn etc).

Those being said, I might be the most suitable for this job.

If interested, give me a private message here on this platform and we'll to discuss more details."

$2,000 USD/ week

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