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Web development

I develop websites in different languages like php, JavaScript, html , e.t.c

IB, Nigeria  


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June 22nd, 2018

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January 2017


Programming & IT
Javascript, XML, HTML, DIY, HTML5, WebOS, Game Server Administration, Game Server Setup, Game Server, PHP, Android, DHCP, Web Services, Google+ Development, Google AdSense API, Data Mining, Website Wireframing, W3C Widget API, Google Calendar API, DHTML, Web Testing, libcurl, Google AdWords Development, Data scraping, Weebly, Web Crawling, Google Docs API, Extract, WebHost Manager (WHM), PHP4, Google App Engine API, Database Management, Win32 App Development, Web Host Manager, Google Map Maker, Game Development, Webisode Presentation, TeamViewer, Google Apps, Database Programming, Web Programming, Google Reader API, Game Programming, Website Prototyping, Virtual Currency, Google Apps API

Tools And Infrastructure
Script Install, Nginx, Shell Script, Web Hosting, Web Security, webMethods, Website Management, System Administration, DNS, Amazon Web Services, Apache, Bitcoin, Blog Install, Google Earth, Google Plus

SEO, Social Engine, Social Networking, Software Development, Software Testing, Game Design, Website Testing

Mobile Phones
Amazon Kindle, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Nokia, Samsung

Hardware, Engineering And Manufacturing
Wi-Fi, AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2012, Autodesk, CDMA, Arduino

Cryptocurrency APIs, Frameworks And Sites
Cryptocurrency Mining, Crypto Trading, Coindesk, Cryptocurrency Exchange API, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Exchange, BTCChina, CryptoCoinJS, Cryptocoincharts,, Blockcypher,

Writing & Translation
Word Processing, Writing, Data Entry, English (US), English Proofreading


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Looking for experienced CURL & PHP Coder for grayhat/blackhat project - repost

Websites and software

$400 USD

from sunilr (employer) on 17th July 2018


"Took my money, did not deliver, disapeared on me"

Cloning Phore (from PivX) - Simple, Clean, Fast

Cryptocurrency (creating / cloning / issues et.)

$500 USD

from Idstwta1 (employer) on 22nd June 2018


"very good, hard working freelancer"

private project for vic

Websites and software

$700 USD

from tryerman (employer) on 19th May 2017


"thanx for all your effort.gret lancer"

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 reviews