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Choyon Ahmed        

Pro Skilled Programmer, Web Scraping & Parser Maker, Intro Video Maker, Graphics Designer

I am accurate, fast and creative on my works. My old clients says, I am very polite. How I react to you depends on how you react with me. So, you are polite, I am too!
Earned more than 2000$ (proof: by doing freelancing jobs in various places with full client satisfaction.
Fastest automatic data parsing specialist(in-depth skill in python and can do any type of scrape job automation, experience in selenium webdriver and lxml for parsing job) & a computer programmer having 3 years of working experience with Python, C# GUI application, c, c++, graphics design, explainer video making, online assistance, troubleshoot solution, website designing, development, content writing etc.
I am practicing telegram bot development. If you need any telegram bot for your channel, I can try making that.
In addition, I have lot of returning regular clients for different jobs and have completed 60+ jobs professionally.
I do not sign in on any project without making sure it's within my skills and I can solve the issues.
Programming portfolio:
Graphics Design Works:
Personal Website:
Youtube Channel:
Telegram :
Thanks for the visit!
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* Details of Services I offer:
- Task automation Bots
- Fully automated SMTP mailers
- Data Parsers
- Web Crawlers
- Computer Softwares like school management system
- Front End Development with HTML, CSS and Back End with php & mySQL
- Android App for websites(Users will open android app to see your website)
- Online Assistance for computer problems
- Logo designs

Boston, United States  


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December 9th, 2018

Active since
March 2017


Programming & IT
WordPress, Windows 10, Drupal, HTML, Unix, HTML5, Windows 7, Python, Windows 8, WordPress Plugin, WordPress Template, C (Programming Language), C++, Computer Networking, Drupal 7, Windows 7 Administration, Content Management System, Network Pentesting, Bash, Windows 8 Administration, Data scraping, TeamViewer, Bash shell scripting, XHTML, Data Structures, WebApp Pentesting, Computer Hardware Installation, DBMS, WebHost Manager (WHM)

Networking & Security
Anti-Virus, Hacking, Network Security, Penetration Testing, Security, Internet Security, VPN

Tools And Infrastructure
Web Security, Website Management, WHMCS, YouTube, Twitter, Apache, Facebook

Software Development, Web Scraping, CMS, Website Testing

Mobile Phones
Mobile Phone, Nokia, Samsung

Graphics, Design & Multimedia
Adobe Photoshop, 3D Rendering, Animated Banner (gif), Banner Design, Photo Editing, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Design, Adobe Imageready, 2D Animation, 2D Design, 3D

Hardware, Engineering And Manufacturing
Circuit Design, Electronics, Computer Engineering

Writing & Translation
Creative Writing, Bengali, eBooks, Adobe PDF, Translation Bengali English, Children's Writing, Word Processing, Content Management, Academic Writing

Marketing & Sales
Website Analytics, YouTube Marketing, Ad Posting, Advertising

Admin & Support
Microsoft Office


Computer Science & Engineering
Google University, Russia, Russia
On progress ... Ends on 2020
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Programming Projects
Personal Programming project showcase
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Personal Website
Personal Website
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Computer Science & Engineering
Google University, Russia
On progress and ends on 2020
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Personal Computer Programming Project
Choyon Ahmed
I publish different creative computer program, shell script, web scraper etc. fully coded by me.
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Write 2000 forum posts

Writing / Translation

$400 USD

from commandrix (employer) on 29th November 2018


"Good communication; unfortunate that the Bitcoin price tanked while the freelancer was working on this. Maybe we'll have better luck next time."

Python automation project

Websites and software

$200 USD

from MarcoSch (employer) on 15th November 2018


"He made a hard to do an automation script for me. After contacting him, he checked first if the job is actually doable and he really wanted to make sure he knows excactly what I want. The project was finished faster than I have expected. The contact was phenomal from the begging to the end.

I can highly recommend his work and will hire him again for sure!

Thank you for your good work."

bonjour fezf ze fezfz

Websites and software

$5 USD

from PasquierMichel (employer) on 12th September 2018


"The best"

for ahmedfor ahmedfor ahmed


$50 USD

from PasquierMichel (employer) on 11th September 2018


"fast job"

Grabb data from txt files


$50 USD

from PasquierMichel (employer) on 11th September 2018





$80 USD

from capulsus2010 (employer) on 4th September 2018


"Good, freelancer! 10+"

Privat project for Choyon Ahmed

Marketing / Sales

$80 USD

from Dorma Kellt (employer) on 24th July 2018


"Very good work !!!!! Very patient:) Thanks again mate ;)"

INVITE ONLY - Choyon Ahmed


$8 USD / hour

from mercado2000 (employer) on 30th July 2017


"A very very fast worker, but I did have some communication problems that led to a result I was not able to use. I would recommend hiring Choyon, but make sure that he fully understands your instructions before proceeding."

Need Remote, live-chat Guidance to re-install windows

Networking & Security

$10 USD

from tapinor (employer) on 18th June 2017


"Choyon did a great job. I appreciate his professionalism as well as the fact that he was very patient with me. Will hire again!"

Need someone to post articles


$12 USD

from lilia (employer) on 9th May 2017


"good job"

Showing 1 to 10 of 12 reviews