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Programmer, Web Developer, Designer, Musician

I specialise in full-stack programming, including desktop applications, bots, websites and web applications. Additionally I do computer graphics, web design, icon design, music composition and audio tech.

London, United Kingdom  


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September 26th, 2017

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July 2017


Programming & IT
Ubuntu, Python, .NET, HTML, D3.js, AJAX, Lua, HTML5, Dart, Javascript, Debian, Express JS, Ruby, node.js, Unix, AngularJS, Laravel, Game Server, Game Server Administration, Linux, Game Server Setup, Pug (Jade), BitBucket, PHP, Java, Android, C#, C++, Android SDK, Regular Expressions, Game Development, Unix System Administration, libGDX, API Development, Twitter API, Game Programming, Vim, LINQ, API Documentation, Twitter Bootstrap, Game Testing, .NET Framework, Virtual Machine, Machine Learning, Bash, Unity, Git, Android App Development, PHP4, Bash shell scripting, Unix Shell, Laravel Framework

Networking & Security
Anti-Virus, CloudFlare, TCP/IP, Network Programming, Network Engineering, Network Administration, HTTP proxy, Linux System Administration

Tools And Infrastructure
Script Install, Nginx, Shell Script, VPS, Web Hosting, YouTube, VoIP, Zoho, System Administration, Twitter, Apache, Bitcoin, Google Analytics, Reddit, Dockerfile, Docker, Trading Bot, Chat Bot

Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, Usability Testing, Web Scraping, Pattern Matching, OCR, Debugging, Face Recognition, Game Design, MMORPG, Website Testing

Mobile Phones
Mobile Phone, Samsung

Graphics, Design & Multimedia
Video Editing, Dreamweaver, UI Design, Music, OpenGL, GIMP, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop, Unity 3D, Inkscape, Format & Layout, User Experience Design, Typography, 3D Rendering, CSS3, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, Website Design, CSS, Web Design, Icon Design, CUDA, Ableton Live, Music Arrangement, User Interface Design, ASIO, Music Dubbing, Drawing, Paint.NET, FL Studio, Piano Composition, 2D Design, MIDI, Piano Performance

Hardware, Engineering And Manufacturing
Game Consoles, Embedded Software, Linear Programming, Wireless Network Implementation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Arduino, Amplifiers and Filters, Embedded Systems, Computer Engineering, Digital Signal Processing

Cryptocurrency APIs, Frameworks And Sites, Electrum

Writing & Translation
Writing, Word Processing, English (UK), English Grammar, English Proofreading, English Punctuation, English Spelling, Proofreading

Admin & Support
Typing, Video Upload, Technical Support, Spreadsheets, Chat Support, Comptuer Maintenance, Computer Repair, Data Backup, Email Handling, Email Technical Support, Internet Research


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My open source projects over the past few years.
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