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C++ expert, and a few other things

Programmer, Entrepreneur, in the house since the 1990's.
REAL expertises : C++ (and somehow C), multithreading (and especially debugging those things), networking (and especially when it has to be fast and reliable), cryptography (implementations, even post-quantic, reasonable knowledge about the mathematics behind), SQL, very up-to-date in my knowledges (a work by itself), cryptocurrencies, and especially cryptonote-based ones (Monero is cryptonote-based, as are AEON or Sumokoin), forking and tweaking.
Reasonable capabilities : Java, Python, .NET, Web in general, NoSQL, GIS (PostGIS, MapServer, GDAL, Proj), everything sysadmin-related on Unices and Windows.

And many other things.

Admitted weak points: everything Apple, everything big IBM systems (Z/OS, MVS).

I intend to be an absolute professional. Which means absolute courtesy, and clarity with my clients, _documented_ work, and real best effort for everything else.

My activity is today 100% freelance, but not 100% Bitcoin. I hope and try to do more Bitcoin. Feel free to question me about anything.

Oh and... There are no French persons in the top freelancers. I am here to change this!

PS: I changed my account, because of an email problem. Those who know me will recognize me, I am the same person.



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Programming & IT
Windows NT, Geolocation, MariaDB, Red Hat, Python, .NET, Windows Desktop, Javascript, (cute), Debian, HTML, Windows Server, XSLT, XMPP, DB Administration, Software optimization, PGP, Linux, Two-factor authentication (2FA), PHP, Windows, Java, C++, DBMS, SSL, ATL, Red Hat Administration, ODBC, GTK+, Virtual Machine, Database Management, Socket Programming, Payment Processing, JNDI, Website Prototyping, DNSsec, Stored Procedure Development, Cryptography, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), OLAP, Java EE, Virtualization, Database Modeling, Squid, PCAP, Microsoft Visual C++, Win32 App Development, Genetic Algorithms, Tesseract, Database Administration, Samba, OpenVPN, JDBC, Web Programming, Database Programming, SSH, Performance testing, Microsoft Visual Studio, XSL, Git, Version Control, Database Caching, SNMP, Oracle Java EE, JDBC Programming, Web Services, Database Testing, SSI, Asynchronous I/O, Performance Tuning, Multithreaded Programming, GitHub, Vim, Database design, Snort, OS/2, Jenkins, Web Services Development

Networking & Security
Hacking, Network Security, Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering, Security, Security Analysis, Security Engineering, Security Infrastructure, TCP/IP, Network Programming, Network Engineering, Network Administration, Firewall, HTTP proxy, Internet Security, Linux System Administration, Malware

Tools And Infrastructure
Script Install, Moodle, Nginx, VPS, Web Security, DNS, Apache, Bitcoin, Blog Install, IIS, Jabber, J2EE

Agile, Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, UML Design, Web Scraping, Scrum, Pattern Matching, OCR, Debugging, Map Reduce, Website Testing

Graphics, Design & Multimedia

Hardware, Engineering And Manufacturing
Wi-Fi, Architecture, Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer Engineering

Cryptocurrency APIs, Frameworks And Sites
cold storage, cold wallet, wallet, Darknet, Tor, bitcoind, .onion, Electrum, BitcoinQT, cpuminer

Writing & Translation
Technical Writing, Software Documentation, Technical Documentation, Technical Editing, English (UK), English (US), Report Writing, French, LaTeX

Admin & Support
OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Medical Informatics, Research, Christian theology, Comptuer Maintenance, Data Backup, Data Center Operations, Data Encoding

Privacy, Patent Law, Intellectual Property Law, Copyright


Not specified.


Not specified.


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Not specified.

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I need pro on php and nginx

Websites and software

$75 USD

from PaulFive (employer) on 4th April 2018


"Good work"

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