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Digital Marketing Agency ( Google Certified Partners)

PAKFULL is a cutting-edge Digital Marketing Solutions Company offering services such as website design and development, eMail campaign management, SEO, eCommerce website creation, rich media banner ad design, eBrochure design, web application development, iPhone app development, Android app development, mobile website development, mobile marketing consultancy.

Founded in 2015, PAKFULL now possesses extensive experience in the digital marketing landscape, a team of professionals, and a wealth of technological resources, and is well-equipped to fulfill your specific requirements with impactful solutions boosting your bottom-line. Driven by the desire to transform the way the world does business digitally, we have made remarkable progress in our journey over the past half-decade and are determined to make our mark in the global stage

London, United Kingdom  


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December 28th, 2017

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December 2017


Programming & IT
TurboGears, WordPress, AngularJS, XMPP, Python, AJAX, .NET, XML, Software optimization, WordPress Plugin, PHP, ActiveX, Java, iOS, Android, Android Honeycomb, C++, Symbian, SSL, Algorithm Development, Web Services, MySQL Programming, Zoho CRM, Testing Framework, Algorithms, WebHost Manager (WHM), Software Defined Networking (SDN), .NET Compact Framework, VOIP Software, Amazon S3, WordPress e-Commerce, Spring Framework, .NET Framework, Web Host Manager, Android App Development, XAMPP, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), .NET Remoting, Web Programming, Android SDK, XHTML

Networking & Security
Hacking, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), CloudFlare, Reverse Engineering, Security, Security Engineering, Security Infrastructure, HTTP proxy, Linux System Administration, Malware, VPN

Tools And Infrastructure
SAP, Nginx, OSCommerce, VPS, Web Security, Website Management, Woocommerce, YouTube, VoIP, Zoho, vBulletin, Zen Cart, Cloud Computing, Google Earth, Google App Engine, Google Analytics, eCommerce, Google Plus, Google Cloud Platform

Agile, SEO, Social Engine, Social Networking, Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, UML Design, Usability Testing, Virtual Worlds, Web Scraping, Scrum, Pattern Matching, OCR, Analytics, CMS, Debugging, Face Recognition, Gamification, Link Building, Map Reduce, MMORPG, MVC, Website Testing

Mobile Phones
Amazon Kindle, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Samsung

Cryptocurrency APIs, Frameworks And Sites
Bitcoin/Altcoin Gaming, Cryptocurrency Mining, ZapChain, Crypto Trading,, Bitcoin/Altcoin Cloning, Blockonomics, Blockstrap, Bitstamp, Cryptocurrency Exchange API, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bittrex, Vircurex, Bitfinex, BlockTrail, Cryptocoincharts,,,, Eternum

Marketing & Sales
Press Release Distribution, Cost Per Thousand Advertising (CPM), Social Media Manager, Salary Surveys, Motivational Speaking, Retail Sales Management, Retail Ops Management, Sales, Sales Management, Sales Promotion,,, SASSIE Mystery Shopping, ScrapeBox, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Retail Merchandising, Reputation Management, Quick Sales System, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), MySpace Marketing, Ning Marketing, Off-page Optimization, Online Community Management, OpenACS, Outbound Sales, Pay Per Click Advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Pinterest Marketing, Press Advertising, Print Advertising, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Selling, Twitter Marketing, vBSEO, Viral Marketing, Web Analytics, Website Analytics, Word-of-Mouth, Worldbuilding, Wrap Advertising, XRumer, Yahoo! Advertising Solutions, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Yandex API, YouTube Marketing, TV Broadcasting, TSM Administration, SENuke X, SEO Keyword Research, SEOMoz, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Network Administration, StrongMail, Supervised learning, Survey Design, SurveyMonkey, Telemarketing, Toktumi, Trade Marketing, Traffic Geyser, Account Management, Bulk Marketing, Classifieds Posting, Common Language Runtime, Constant Contact, Corporate Brand Identity, CRM, DELFTship, Direct Marketing, Display Ads, eBay, eBay Marketing, Electronic funds transfer, Ad Planning & Buying, Ad Posting, Ad Servers, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Automated Call Distribution, Bing Ads, Brand Ambassador, Brand Consulting, Internet Marketing, Internet Surveys, Lead Generation, Loyalty Marketing, MailChimp / Mandrill, Market Research, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Media Buying, Media Relations, Microsoft adCenter, Microsoft Windows Media Connect, Instagram Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Freelance Marketing, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Places API, Google Search API, Google Webmaster Central, Google Website Optimizer, Google+, Google+ Marketing, In-Game Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Mobile Advertising


Computer science
MIT, United States


cryptocurrency exchange
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Google Digital sales
Google Inc

Google Adwords
Google Inc

Google Display advertising
Google Inc


Crypto Currency Tools & Algorithms
Awesome Crypto Currency Tools & Algorithms
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