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Clickfunnels Specialist - Digital Copywriter

Dear Future Client,

What do we all have in common?

Selling products or services online! But how do we do it? It's time to get your online marketing right and exact, running smoothly with no headaches...

I'm here to help you!

Let's cut through the confusion, fast!!

My area of mastery is Clickfunnels & Copywriting to help you achieve your goals! I'm the best choice to help you do that as a consultant, here's why...

I am Fast. Effective. Efficient. Pro.

I'm well versed in human nature, human behavior, psychology, buying triggers, patterns of influence, and emotional intelligence, all of which generate direct sales from print or online copy.

I research customer profiles methodically. With insight & empathy, I help you communicate that you're their best solution.

But here's the thing....

Market & Product Research to the Right Audience account for 1/4 of online success, The offer itself counts for 1/4, the sales copy counts for 1/4, and technology execution 1/4.

I am a WHOLE surround sound, Digital Marketing Consultant, ensuring that I address client needs 100%. Whether that be Writing Copy, Building Clickfunnels, Scripting Video Sales Letters, or Orchestrating Webinar Launches, and/or Facebook Ads.

My writing is fierce and hooks people to buy!

But now, I've harnessed the power of very sophisticated research and knowledge of the technology driving online sales.

Technology is a constant battle isn't it?

Today your marketing is your technology. To make sales you have to align the whole system.

I do sales funnel surgery. It's the joy of a lifelong process of mastery!

Once I know your exact needs and the scope of your project, I will diagnose your direct path to the highest web visitors, engagement, conversions, and sales.

I will help you optimize your KPI's, CPC, CPL, CPS, and ROI.

I can help you with Traffic Generation, Product Launches, Email automation, Video Sales Letter, and Webinar platforms. I have spent countless hours meticulously studying the inner workings of Clickbank, Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Optimize Press, Adwords, Facebook Ads etc.

I write strong calls to action that sell!

My services can come in packages I build out or in unique issues you want to fix in a funnel:

Opt-in Funnels:
- Ads
- Landing Page
- Thank You Page
- Autoresponders
- Sales Page for Products (if Applicable)

Lead Capture Funnels:
- Ads
- Lead Magnet
+ Landing Page
- TY Page
- Follow up campaigns
(Direct mail, email, phone scripts, applications, etc.)

Sales Funnels:
- Ads
- Optin Page
- Sales Page
- OTO (2-3)
- Downfalls
+ Retargeting Email Follow up Copy

Webinar Funnels:
- Ads
- Registration page
- Pre-Webinar page
- Webinar Script
- Sales Page
- Pre- Webinar
+ Post
- Webinar email reminders
- Retargeting

For solo A La Carte Projects, I write:
- Written Sales Letters (For Direct mail Print)
- Sales-Driven Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages
- Video Sales Letters
- Webinar Scripts

- Web Content for E-Commerce Sites
- Email Auto Responder Campaigns & ENewsletters
- Sales Video Scripts & Commercial Video Treatments
- Blog Posts for Authority, Affiliate Marketing, Product Reviews, & Pre-Sell Pages
- Powerpoint & Keynote presentations for public speaking or online sales videos

- B to C Direct Mail Campaigns, B to B Direct Mail Campaigns
- B to C Email Campaigns, B to B Email Campaigns
- Educational Based Marketing Content (Chet Holmes 'Core Story' Style)
- Rhyming Poems, Songs, Rap Lyrics, Jingles
- EBooks, Special Reports, & Press Releases

I have a solid system. My methods are down to a science.

My scientific method of troubleshooting upfront, catching mistakes, keywords, offers, landing pages, funnels, audience, testing/tracking, and response will ensure we cover all the critical aspects of your project the first time.

Here's how I work currently. Think of me like a communication Surgeon.

After you agree to my initial proposal, I have you fill out a questionnaire in detail about anything we haven't already covered.. Then I examine the situation in even more detail, scope of project, with problems or challenges you face and clarify the solutions you are seeking with an educated Diagnosis. I then propose my final recommendations, and whether we should medicate, operate, or pull the plug on your system and build a new one.

I research your market & product, I write the copy, build or repair the funnels, I submit it to you for "educated/objective" revision, then we begin testing.

My word choices are precise, my solutions are specific. My rates are per project.

I don't bill per hour, but I had to include this general hourly rate here for Upwork's general categories. I take a co-operative collaborative approach and base my rates on the value I provide for you per project.

My rate reflects my extensive experiences, value, strategic consultation, and the enormous profit you will generate from my work.

Let's discuss what we can do to make your project an undeniable success!

Miami, United States  


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