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I'm M.Sc. in computer science

I have graduated from Tehran University. My research field was computer architecture, specially massively parallel processors like GPUs. I'm also experienced in digital design, data science, artificial neural network and artificial intelligence. I also have done some web programming, android programming, c++ and jave programming.



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May 17th, 2018

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December 2017


Programming & IT
.NET, AJAX, AngularJS, BSD, CentOS, Chrome OS, Clojure, DB Administration, DB2, dBASE, Debian, Django, DOS, Erlang, Express JS, Fedora, Fortran, FoxPro, Geolocation, HTML, HTML5, J2ME, JavaFX, Javascript, jQuery, Laravel, Lisp, Lua, MariaDB, Matlab, MINIX, MongoDB, MS Access, node.js, NoSQL Couch, Objective C, OpenCL, openSUSE, Pascal, Paypal API, PostgreSQL, Prolog, Python, (cute), R (Programming Language), React.js, Red Hat, Redis, Ruby, Scala, Scheme, Socket IO, Solaris, SQL, Symfony, Symfony2, Tcl, Ubuntu, Unix, VBA, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro, web2py, Windows 10, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows API, Windows CE, Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile, Windows NT, Windows Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista, Windows XP, WordPress, WPF, x86/x64 Assembler, XML, XSLT, YahooUI, Zend Framework, CMS Commander, Encryption, Functional Design, Game Server, Game Server Administration, Game Server Setup, Linux, Two-factor authentication (2FA), WebGL, WordPress Plugin, WordPress Template, ActiveX, Joomla, MySQL, PHP, Windows, COM (Component Object Model), Java, Mac OS, Oracle, C (Programming Language), SQLite, Android, DirectX, MS SQL Server, Ruby On Rails, C++, GDI, Symbian, CakePHP, Perl, .NET Framework, Algorithm Development, Algorithms, Android App Development, Android SDK, ANSI C, Antispam and Antivirus, Apache Administration, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hive, Apache Subversion (SVN), API Development, API Documentation, ARM, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, Assembla, Augmented Reality, Automated Testing, Automation, AWK, Bash, Bash shell scripting, BASIC, Big Data, Boost, Borland C++ Builder, Bugzilla, C Shell, Cache Management, Central Reservation Systems, Chrome Extension, Cluster Computing, CMS Development, CNC Programming, Code Refactoring, ColdFusion, Compiler, Computational Linguistics, Computer Assembly, Computer Hardware Installation, Computer Networking, Computer vision, Content Management System, Core Java, cPanel, Cryptography, cURL, Data Analytics, Data Cleansing, Data Engineering, Data Ingestion, Data Logistics, Data Mining, Data Modeling, Data Protection, Data Science, Data scraping, Data Structures, Data Warehousing, Database Administration, Database Caching, Database design, Database Management, Database Modeling, Database Programming, Database Testing, dBase Administration, dBase Programming, DBMS, Device Driver Development, DHCP, DHTML, Digital Mapping, Distributed computing, DNSsec, eBay API, eBay Web Services, Eclipse, eCommerce Consulting, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), Embedded C, Embedded Linux, Embedded System, Facebook Development, Facebook Games Development, Facebook Javascript (FBJS), Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Firefox Plugin Development, Flask, Flowcharts, Forum Development, FoxPro Administration, FoxPro Programming, FreeBSD, Frontend Development, FTP, Full-text Search Engines, Functional testing, Game Development, Game Programming, Game Testing, Genetic Algorithms, Git, GitHub, GNU Octave, Google AdSense API, Google AdWords Development, Google Analytics API, Google Maps API, Gradle, Graphics Programming, GTK+, Hardware Troubleshooting, Heroku, Hibernate, Home Automation, IBM DB2 Administration, IBM DB2 Programming, IBM PowerPC Programming, IBM SPSS, Installer Development, InstallShield, IntelliJ IDEA, Intersystems Cache, Intranet Architecture, Intranet Implementation, IPsec, ISA Server, Issue Tracking Systems, J2SE, Java EE, Java ME, Java Remote Method Invocation (Java RMI), Java Servlets Development, JDBC Programming, JDeveloper, Joomla Fabrik, Joomla Migration, Joomla Upgrade, Joomla!, jQuery Mobile, JSON, Kerberos, Key/Value Stores, LAN Administration, LAN Implementation, Laravel Framework, LDAP, libcurl, libGDX, Lighttpd, LinkedIn Development, LINQ, linq to entities, linq to sql, Live Chat Software, Load Balancing, Load testing, LoadRunner, Localization, Mac OS App Development, Mac OSX Administration, Machine Learning, Mail Server Implementation, Make Build Script, MapReduce, Mathematica, McAfee VirusScan, Memcached, Menu Design, Mercurial, Microsoft Access Administration, Microsoft Access Programming, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Hyper V, Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft SQL CE, Microsoft SQL Server Administration, Microsoft SQL Server Notification Services, Microsoft SQL Server Programming, Microsoft SQL Server Service Broker, Microsoft SQL SSAS, Microsoft SQL SSRS, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows Powershell, Microsoft Windows Server, Mikrotik RouterBOARD, Mikrotik RouterOS, Minitab, Mobile App Development, Mobile App Testing, Mobile Development Framework, Mobile Programming, MS-DOS Administration, Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG), Multi-touch Hardware Development, Multi-touch Hardware Programming, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Multithreaded Programming, MySQL Administration, MySQL Programming, Natural Language Processing, NetBeans, Network Analysis, Network Design, Network Monitoring, Network Pentesting, Network Planning, Neuro-linguistic programming, NI Multisim, OAuth, Object oriented design, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Object Pascal, Objective-C, OCR algorithms, OCR Tesseract, OCX, ODBC, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), OpenBSD, OpenCV, OpenGL ES, OpenVPN, OpenX, Operating Systems Development, Oracle Programming, ORM, ORMLite, Pattern recognition, Payment Gateway Integration, Payment Processing, PayPal Development, Paypal Integration, PCI Compliance, Performance testing, Performance Tuning, PHP4, phpMyAdmin, phpMyDirectory, Platform Migration, PLC Programming, Postfix SMTP Server, PostgreSQL Administration, PostgreSQL Programming, Predictive Analytics, Processing, PyQt, Python Numpy, Python SciPy, Quality of Service (Q-oS), Quantitative Analysis, R-Hadoop, RAID Administration, Raspberry Pi, Real time stream processing, Recommender Systems, Red Hat Administration, Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Regression Testing, Regular Expressions, Relational Databases, Responsive Web Design, REST, RFID, RSS, RTL, RTLinux, S (Statistical Programming Language), Samba, Sass, SCADA, Scalable analytics, Scalable transaction processing, Scalr, Scripting, Scripts & Utilities, Sendmail, Sentiment analysis, SEO Backlinking, Serial Port Interfacing, Serialization, Servlet, SimpleDB, Simulink, Skype Development, SMPP, SMS, SMS Gateway, SMTP, SNMP, Social Networking Development, Socket Programming, Software Debugging, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Solaris Administration, SpamAssassin, SQL Programming, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQLite Administration, SQLite Programming, SSH, SSL, Statistical Computing, Stream Processing, Subversion, SWT, Symbian Development, System Analysis, System Automation, System Programming, Systems Development, Taxonomy, Tcl/Tk, TeamViewer, Tesseract, Test Automation, Test Case Design, Test Driven Development, Testing Framework, Textpattern, Tk, Torque Game Engine, Tortoise SVN, Transact-SQL, Transaction Processing, Twitter API, Twitter Bootstrap, Ubercart, UML, Unified Threat Management, Unify SQLBase, Unit Testing, Unity, Unix Shell, Unix System Administration, User acceptance testing, Valgrind, VB.NET, VBScript, Velocity Template Engine, Version Control, VHDL, Video Streaming, Vim, Virtual Currency, Virtual Machine, Virtualization, Virus Removal, Visualization, VMware Administration, VMware ESX Server, VOIP Administration, VOIP Software, VTK, Vulnerability Assessment, W3C Widget API, WAMP, WAN, WAN Optimization, Web Host Manager, Web Programming, Web Services, Web Services Development, Web Testing, WebApp Pentesting, WebHost Manager (WHM), Website Prototyping, Win32 App Development, WinAutomation, WinDev, WinDev Mobile, Windows 7 Administration, Windows 8 Administration, Windows 8 App Development, Windows 98, Windows Administration, Windows App Development, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Forms Development, Windows NT Administration, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows XP Administration, Winsock, Wireless Security, Wix, WordPress e-Commerce, X86 assembly language, XAML, XAMPP, Xbox, Xen Cloud Platform, Xen Hypervisor, XHTML, Xilinx, xml Web Services, XSL, Yahoo Developer Skills, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Yahoo! Query Language, Yahoo! Store, YAML, YouTube Development, Zend Studio

Networking & Security
Anti-Virus, Hacking, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), CloudFlare, Network Security, Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering, Security, Security Analysis, Security Engineering, Security Infrastructure, TCP/IP, Network Programming, Network Engineering, Network Administration, Check Point, Firewall, HTTP proxy, Internet Security, Linux System Administration, Malware, VPN

Tools And Infrastructure
Linkedin, Pinterest, Script Install, Parallels Desktop, Parallels Automation, Magento, Moodle, Nginx, Sharepoint, Shell Script, VPS, Web Hosting, Web Security, webMethods, Website Management, Woocommerce, YouTube, VoIP, Shopping Carts, System Administration, Twitter, Active Directory, Cloud Computing, Cold Fusion, Computer Security, DNS, Amazon Web Services, Apache, Apache Solr, Bitcoin, Blog Install, Hadoop, Google Earth, Google App Engine, Google Analytics, Forum Software, IIS, J2EE, eCommerce, edX, eLearning, Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, Dockerfile, Docker, Telegram, Chat Bot, Google Cloud Platform

SEO, Social Engine, Social Networking, Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, UML Design, Virtual Worlds, Pattern Matching, OCR, Analytics, CMS, Debugging, Face Recognition, Game Design, Link Building, Map Reduce, MVC, Website Testing

Hardware, Engineering And Manufacturing
LabVIEW, Game Consoles, Embedded Software, GPGPU, OrCAD, Microcontroller, Mathematics, MathCAD, Instrumentation, Integrated Circuits, Linear Programming, PCB Design, Wireless Network Implementation, Scientific Research, Telecommunications Engineering, USB Electronics, Verilog / VHDL, VLSI, Wi-Fi, Scientific Computation, PLC & SCADA, Robotics, WiMAX, 3D Printing, Biotechnology, Bluetooth, Broadcast Engineering, Circuit Design, Arduino, 3D Scanning, 3D Systems, 3GSM, Adaptive Algorithms, Altium Designer, Amplifiers and Filters, Analog Electronics, Architecture, Engineering Design, Finite Element Analysis, GPS Development, Embedded Systems, Electronics, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Engineering, Computer-Aided Design, Digital Electronics, Digital Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, EDGE, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Design

Writing & Translation
Content Marketing, Film Review, Film Criticism, Translation, Software Documentation, Slang-style Writing, Transcreation, Transcription (audio to text), Translation Persian English, Writing, Word Processing, Wikipedia, WIKI, White Paper Writing, User's Guide Writing, Travel Writing, Translation English Persian, Content Management, Distance Education, Document review, eBook Design, ebook Writing, eBooks, Data Entry, Content Writing, Copy Editing, Copywriting, Cover Letter Writing, Curriculum Development, Editing, Editorial Writing, English (AU), Fact Checking, Essay Writing, English (UK), English (US), English Grammar, English Proofreading, English Punctuation, English Spelling, English Tutoring, ePub, Academic Writing, Article curation, Article Rewriting, Article Writing, Articles, Adobe PDF, Catch Phrases, Book Writing, Persian, Poetry, Microsoft Word, Press Release Writing, Scientific Writing, Proposal Writing, Report Writing, Research Papers, Resume Writing, Lesson Plan Writing, Letter Writing, Literature Review, Journalism Writing, LaTeX


Master's degree Field Of Study Computer Engineering
University of Tehran, Iran
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Bachelor's degree Field Of Study Computer Engineering
jundi shapur university of technology, Iran
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