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I am talented in websites and software developing and programming, whitepaper and article writing. Translation, logo designing, banners, all manners of graphics, cryptocurrency, blockchain developing, masternode coin, ethereum. Videography, video shooting and editing....etc.

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Programming & IT
Javascript, Game Server, Game Programming, Adobe Wallaby, Game Development

Networking & Security
Anti-Virus, Hacking, Network Engineering, Network Administration, Firewall, Internet Security, Linux System Administration, Malware

Tools And Infrastructure
Linkedin, Parallels Automation, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Cloud Computing, Cold Fusion, Computer Security, CS-Cart, Amazon Web Services, Bitcoin, Blog Install, Business Catalyst, Dynamics, CubeCart, Google Earth, Google App Engine, Google Analytics, Forum Software, eCommerce, eLearning, Facebook, Google Plus, Celery, Docker, Flowdock, Chat Bot, Google Cloud Platform

Graphics, Design & Multimedia
3D Modelling, ActionScript, Computer Graphics, 3D Animation, 3D Design, 2D Modelling, 2D Rigging, 3D Rigging, Adobe Flash CS5, Abaqus, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Freehand, 2D Animation, Adobe Captivate, 2D Design, Adobe Flash, 3D Modeling

Hardware, Engineering And Manufacturing
Embedded Software, Nanotechnology, Linear Programming, Logistics & Shipping, Manufacturing Design, Product Design, 3D Printing, AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2012, Autodesk, Autodesk Inventor, Biotechnology, Astrophysics, 3D Scanning, Altium Designer, Analog Electronics, ArchiCAD, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Climate Sciences, Engineering Design, Embedded Systems, Electronics, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Engineering, Computer-Aided Design, Construction Monitoring, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Design

Cryptocurrency APIs, Frameworks And Sites
Ledger Wallet, Bitcoinj, wallet, Bitcoin/Altcoin Dice Game, Bitcoin/Altcoin Gaming, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency Mining, localbitcoins, Kryptokit, Wirex,, Bitcoin/Altcoin Cloning, bitcoind, Cryptocurrency Exchange API, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Exchange,, Litecoin, Airbitz

Writing & Translation
Technical Writing, Word Processing, Letter Writing, Creative Writing, Book Writing, Script Writing, Economic Analysis, Blogging, Writing, Microsoft Word, Document review, Data Entry, Subtitling, Editing, Copy Editing, Blog Writing, Proposal Writing, eBook Design, Transcription (audio to text), Technical Documentation, Editorial Writing, Copywriting, Business Writing, Report Writing, ebook Writing, Technical Editing, Financial Writing, Cover Letter Writing, Business Proposal Writing, Screenwriting, eBooks, Article Writing

Marketing & Sales
Bulk Marketing, Advertising, Internet Marketing, Internet Surveys, Indexing


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custom job as we talked

Websites and software

$50 USD

from CrazyAce (employer) on 7th September 2018



Fixx site to responsive smooth

Websites and software

$75 USD

from Hoshimoto (employer) on 6th September 2018


"He did everything I wanted.
very good coder
Thank you"

changing a layout

Websites and software

$150 USD

from CrazyAce (employer) on 31st August 2018


"another top job"

convert laravel 4.2 to 5.6 private project

Websites and software

$750 USD

from CrazyAce (employer) on 27th August 2018


"Rich was fantatic the job took longer than we both expected but he beared with it and get the job done, he will be a client for life now"

Creating mobile joke app


$280 USD

from jess77 (employer) on 7th August 2018


"Completed Project as always"

need 5min video - URGENT

Video, Audio and Multimedia

$2000 USD

from btcexpert (employer) on 30th July 2018


"very good work. in time. perfection. thanks a lot."

Update app UI


$140 USD

from jess77 (employer) on 18th July 2018


"Completed the work as always"

private project for Rich

Cryptocurrency (creating / cloning / issues et.)

$500 USD

from CrazyAce (employer) on 13th July 2018


"Great job done, took some working out fiddly bits but he got it done, fantastic"

Extend project auto-release timer

Websites and software

$500 USD

from CrazyAce (employer) on 6th July 2018


"Another job well done :)"

Android Studio Baking App


$220 USD

from jess77 (employer) on 20th June 2018


"Completed the project as requested."

Showing 1 to 10 of 18 reviews