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I can do anything tech related.

I can do anything tech related,i can code in 6 languages, i can 3d model, i can create software for anything from mobile phones to consoles.

Boston, United States  


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June 8th, 2018

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January 2018


Programming & IT
Ubuntu, Windows NT, WordPress, Windows Server 2012, Windows Desktop, Windows 2000, Matlab, Windows 7, Debian, Python, Windows Server, Windows XP, HTML, Windows 10, DOS, Unix, Visual Basic, Paypal API, Windows Server 2003, HTML5, Solaris, DIY, Assembly, Windows API, Windows Server 2008, Google Charts, Linux, Game Server, Game Server Administration, Software optimization, Game Server Setup, Encryption, PHP, MySQL, Windows, Mac OS, Java, iOS, C#, DirectX, Android, C++, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Genetic Algorithms, Website Prototyping, Load testing, Computer Hardware Installation, Paypal Integration, Distributed computing, VOIP Administration, iOS Jailbreaking, Artificial Neural Networks, Mobile Development Framework, UnrealScript, Graph Databases, Apache Administration, Microsoft SQL Server Administration, Database design, Statistical Computing, Google App Engine API, Windows Administration, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, QA Testing, FTP, Web Services, LAN Implementation, BASIC, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Desktop Support, Virtual Machine, Installer Development, Application Server, Microsoft Windows Server, TeamViewer, Google Gadgets, Amazon Appstore, Wix, Menu Design, Data Science, Software Licensing, GitHub, Windows 7 Administration, Localization, Computer Networking, Processing, eBay Web Services, WAN, iPad App Development, Assembly Language, MySQL Programming, VB.NET, Graphics Programming, API Development, Microsoft SQL Server Programming, Database Management, System Analysis, Google Apps, Windows App Development, Mail Server Implementation, Data Logistics, Raspberry Pi, Game Development, Web Services Development, Level Design, Compiler, OpenCV, Device Driver Development, Virus Removal, Interaction design, ARCserve, Minecraft, Test Driven Development, Google Gadgets API, Android App Development, X86 assembly language, Microsoft Access Administration, Data Structures, SQL Programming, Google AdSense API, Windows 8 Administration, LogMeIn Hamachi, Computer vision, Python Numpy, Embedded Linux, WAN Optimization, iPhone App Development, Automation, Natural Language Processing, VBScript, Hardware Troubleshooting, API Documentation, Microsoft Visual C++, Database Modeling, System Automation, Google Apps API, Windows NT Administration, Make Build Script, Data Mining, Real time stream processing, Game Programming, Web Testing, Live Chat Software, Computational Linguistics, Pattern recognition, DHCP, Visualization, iOS 7, ARM, Mobile App Development, Transaction Processing, Google Maps API, Android SDK, Microsoft Server, Data Warehousing, Squarespace, Google AdWords Development, Windows 8 App Development, Mac OS App Development, Content Management System, Python SciPy, Embedded System, Web Host Manager, iPhone SDK, Bash, Network Pentesting, Database Programming, Vendor Management Systems, Home Automation, App Store, Microsoft Visual Studio, System Programming, Google Calendar API, Algorithm Development, Windows XP Administration, Manual Test Execution, Data Modeling, Software Debugging, Game Testing, WebApp Pentesting, Load Balancing, Computer Assembly, Payment Processing, Disaster recovery, VMware Administration, iOS Development, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Testing, Unreal Engine, Google Play, Antispam and Antivirus, Microsoft Small Business Server Administration, Database Administration, SSH, Google Analytics API, Windows 98, Mac OSX Administration, Data Analytics, QA Engineering, Frontend Development, Web Programming, JSON, Bash shell scripting, Network Planning, Database Testing, Video Streaming, Information Management, App Usability Analysis, Microsoft Windows Powershell, Taxonomy, Google Docs API, Algorithms, Wireless Security, Mathematica, Data Protection

Networking & Security
Anti-Virus, Hacking, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Network Security, Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering, Security, Security Analysis, Security Engineering, Security Infrastructure, TCP/IP, Network Programming, Network Engineering, Network Administration, Firewall, HTTP proxy, Linux System Administration, Malware, VPN

Tools And Infrastructure
Script Install, Shell Script, Web Hosting, Web Security, Website Management, YouTube, VoIP, Shopping Carts, System Administration, Computer Security, Apache, Bitcoin, eCommerce, eLearning, Facebook, Chat Bot

Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, Usability Testing, Virtual Worlds, Pattern Matching, Analytics, Debugging, Face Recognition, Game Design, Website Testing

Mobile Phones
iPad, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Samsung

Graphics, Design & Multimedia
Arts & Crafts, Computer Graphics, Concept Design, CGI, Caricature & Cartoons, Audio Services, Illustration, Graphic Design, HTML/CSS banner design, Industrial Design, Infographics, Interior Design, Invitation Design, GIMP, Photoshop, Photography, OpenGL, Flyer Design, Furniture Design, Visual Arts, Video Broadcasting, 3ds Max, 3D Rendering, Video Editing, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Unity 3D, Website Design, Web Design, UI Design, 3D Design, Word, Video Production, User Experience Design, Videography, Voice Over (man), Voice Over (woman), 2D Modelling, 2D Rigging, 3D Rigging, Watercolor Painting, Page Layout, Panoramic Stitching, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Violin Composition, Visual Merchandising, Wireframing, Sculpting, Scale Modeling, 2D Animation, Violin Performance, VFX Animation, Presentation Design, VFX Design, Video Conversion, Video Post Editing, Video Publishing, Print design, User Interface Design, Audio Design, Audio Editing, Audio Engineering, Audio Mixing, Architectural Rendering, Audio Post Production, Audio Production, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, 2D Design, Adobe After Effects, 3D, 3D Modeling, Acrylic Painting, Album Cover Design, GUI Design, Guitar Composition, Guitar Performance, Film Production, Font Development, GarageBand, Image Editing, Image Processing, Information design, Interactive Voice Response, Jewelry Design, Chroma key, Comic Art, Compositing, Computer Hardware Design, Concept Artistry, Character Design, Calligraphy, Camtasia, Cartooning, Electrical Drawing, Electronic Workbench

Hardware, Engineering And Manufacturing
Game Consoles, Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Industrial Engineering, Integrated Circuits, Manufacturing Design, PCB Design, Wireless Network Implementation, Scientific Research, Structural Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Textile Engineering, USB Electronics, Wi-Fi, Scientific Computation, Physics, Product Design, Quantum, Remote Sensing, Imaging, Autodesk, Biology, Biotechnology, Bluetooth, Broadcast Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Circuit Design, Arduino, Adaptive Algorithms, Amplifiers and Filters, Analog Electronics, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Climate Sciences, Fiber Optics, Genetic Engineering, Geographic Information System (GIS), Geology, Home Design, Embedded Systems, Electronics, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Engineering, Construction Monitoring, Digital Electronics, Digital Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Drones, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Design

Writing & Translation
Dutch, eBook Design, Copy Editing, Copywriting, Cover Letter Writing, Editorial Writing, Fact Checking, English (UK), English (US), English Spelling, English Tutoring, Academic Writing, Apple iBooks, Arabic, Adobe PDF, German

Admin & Support
Transcription, Typing, Chat Support, Clerical Skills, Computer Repair, Conflict Resolution, Content Moderation, Customer Service, Customer support, Call Center Skills, Calendar Management, Administrative Support, Article Submission, Data Backup, Data Center Operations, Data Sheet Writing


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