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Senior Bitcoin Developer

So far, I have been putting a lot of effort into bitcoin development and I will not stop developing bitcoin in the future. The hot trade on several coin exchanges corresponding to the rising bitcoin gave me a lot of development opportunities. Experiences in development of arbitrage system using blackbird could be achieved at a considerable level. I will be at the forefront of bitcoin-related development including ethereum.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong  


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February 13th, 2018

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January 2018


Programming & IT
node.js, MongoDB, AJAX, Paypal API, Laravel, Javascript, .NET, WordPress, Express JS, ash.MVC, JSP, CodeIgniter, Python, AngularJS, BitBucket, PHP, MySQL, Joomla, Java, C (Programming Language), Android, C#, C++, Yii, .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C++, Apple Xcode, OAuth, Heroku, Amazon EC2, Mobile App Development, ASP.NET, Paypal Integration, Hibernate, Android App Development, Mobile Programming, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Compact Framework, Wix, iOS 7, Apache Maven, MySQL Administration, Automation, .NET for Web, XAMPP, Java EE, App Store, MySQL Programming, GitHub

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Trading Bot


City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
I learned about the state of IT development and detailed technology at university.
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Kathy Smith Fitness
The mission at Kathy Smith Lifestyles is to help the customers care for their body, from the products they make, to the conversations they inspire. At Kathy Smith Lifestyles, the customers encourage total wellbeing...physically, emotionally and spiritually, and strive to set the example of progress, not perfection. This website is developed by shopify.
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Z Natural Life : Natural Skin Care
Z Natural Life is to create better natural options that deliver real results. They don't think we should ever have to compromise our health by using personal care items made with toxic fillers and preservatives. That's why they've made it their priority to create products that are both natural and effective. This site is designed and developed in shopify.
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Blowdry Express
Blow Dry Express is a smart, modern service for hair style. They live for styling. Amazing blow dries and on-trend updos. The kind of hair that makes you feel groomed and gorgeous or edgy and adventurous. The kind of hair that helps customers breeze through a week of workouts, deadlines and date nights. This web service is developed by Codeigniter php framework.
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