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Graphic designer, Video editor & Developer

I create high high quality graphics, animated banners, bitcointalk ANN threads and videos for competitive rates.

I also occasionally offer my programming skills.

United Kingdom  


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September 17th, 2018

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February 2016


Programming & IT
D3.js, Express JS, Python, JavaFX, Javascript, HTML, HTML5, MySQL, Java, Machine Learning, Data Science, Python Numpy, Data Structures, System Automation, Git, Test Automation, Automation, GitHub, Core Java

Graphics, Design & Multimedia
HTML/CSS banner design, Photoshop, Creative Design, Animated Banner (gif), Word, Illustrator, 3D Animation, UI Design, Photoshop Design, CSS, Video Editing, Infographics, After Effects, Cinematography, Post-Production, Graphic Design, CSS3, Landing Pages, Animation, Adobe Photoshop, Poster Design, Icon Design, Computer Graphics, Adobe Illustrator, Logo Design, Banner Design, User Experience Design, Presentations, Illustration, CUDA, VFX Design, Information design, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Print design, Cover Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Video Post Editing, Maxon Cinema 4D, Banner Ad Design, 2D Animation, T-Shirt Design, Desktop Publishing, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft PowerPoint, Banner Ads, 2D Design, User Interface Design, Digital Photography, Adobe Fireworks, Microsoft Publisher, Chroma key, 3D, VFX Animation, Image Editing, Adobe Flash, Presentation Design, Compositing, Adobe After Effects

Writing & Translation
Script Writing, English (US), Fiction Writing, News Writing Style, Newsletter Writing, Non-Fiction Writing, English (UK)

Marketing & Sales
Brand Consulting


Not specified.


Video Editing
My video editing portfolio and reviews from clients.
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Video Editing - Promo Reel
A brief video showcasing some of my animation styles.
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Graphic Deisgn
My graphic design thead also contains revies from clients.
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Animated GIFs
This thread showcases the many animated GIFs i have mede and reviews from clients.
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ANN Thread Service
Here you can see examples of my work, reviews for clients and threads that are in progress.
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Not specified.


Not specified.

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Intro video for website users with voice over

Video, Audio and Multimedia

$225 USD

from FileStreamMe (employer) on 21st September 2017


"Will hire again in the future."

Write an Announcement ( Writing and Graphic design )

Writing / Translation

$95 USD

from Simonsez420 (employer) on 31st August 2017


"Thank you so much buddy you are the best! Great to deal with!"

Graphically improve the whitepaper

Graphic Design

$44 USD

from titoplomo (employer) on 24th August 2017


"good work, thank you, is good work with you!!!"

make me logo for my web

Marketing / Sales

$35 USD

from titoplomo (employer) on 22nd August 2017


"the best logo desing on xbtfreelancer!!! 100% real!!!"

Create a simple effective logo

Graphic Design

$40 USD

from astupidmoose (employer) on 31st July 2017


"jsmit332 worked on our logo for our newest project. jsmit332 was professional, easy to work with and took the time to understand our requirements. He was consistently sending drafts of designs and worked with us on changes when we requested them. jsmit332 also seemed to know Crypto in general and the ethos behind decentralization and security. Definitely will be hiring again for other projects of ours. Thanks!"

need an 300x250 animated gif (private job for jsmit332)

Graphic Design

$12 USD

from loan101 (employer) on 14th February 2017


"Good banner design."

Excellent animated banner makers - repost4

Graphic Design

$10 USD

from admin (employer) on 17th April 2016


"Good quality. Professional!"

Excellent animated banner makers - repost3

Graphic Design

$10 USD

from admin (employer) on 27th March 2016


"Love his banner creation talent. Recommended animated banner maker!"

Make 728x90px animated banner - job for jsmit332

Graphic Design

$10 USD

from admin (employer) on 29th February 2016


"A very talented banner designer. One of the best I had seen.

Recommend to anyone needing professional banners."

Showing 1 to 9 of 9 reviews